$16.8K Bitcoin now trades further below this key trendline than ever

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Bitcoin (BTC) is present further beneath a cardinal moving mean than it was astatine the pit of the March 2020 COVID-19 crash.

In a tweet connected Jan. 4, fashionable trader and expert Rekt Capital revealed conscionable however singular the existent Bitcoin carnivore marketplace truly is.

BTC terms 200-week moving mean retired of reach

Not lone has Bitcoin present spent much clip beneath its 200-week moving mean (WMA) than ever before, it is present further beneath it than astatine immoderate clip successful history.

Looking astatine the play BTC/USD chart, Rekt Capital confirmed that arsenic of Jan. 4, BTC/USD traded astir 37% beneath the 200 WMA.

This, helium noted, was “Deeper than the -31% retracement successful March 2020.”

The numbers supply absorbing speechmaking successful a carnivore marketplace which has yet to see BTC terms retracements from all-time highs rival erstwhile bottoms successful percent terms.

In March 2020, Bitcoin abruptly mislaid 60% successful a substance of days arsenic markets reacted to the archetypal question of wide Coronavirus lockdowns.

At the time, however, the largest cryptocurrency spent little than 2 weeks beneath the 200 WMA — a wide opposition with 2022. BTC/USD lost the trendline, which besides figured successful the 2018 carnivore market, successful August past year, and has since failed to reclaim it.

BTC/USD annotated chart. Source: Rekt Capital/ Twitter

S&P 500 faces "March rhythm low"

The concern whitethorn get worse still.

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Analysts are presently betting connected Q1 offering a further test of bulls’ resolve, adjacent if it yet closes with BTC terms enactment higher than astatine present.

For trader, capitalist and entrepreneur Bob Loukas, meanwhile, correlated markets whitethorn themselves spot their macro bottommost successful the coming quarter.

Analyzing the S&P 500 connected play timeframes, Loukas described the past year’s comedown arsenic unparalleled successful its textbook nature.

“This has been the cleanest Stock carnivore marketplace diminution i've ever seen,” helium told Twitter followers.

“Currently inactive points to declines into a March Cycle Low.”
S&P 500 annotated chart. Source: Bob Loukas/ Twitter

Bitcoin has underperformed some stocks and golden since the FTX meltdown, Cointelegraph reported, leaving the doorway unfastened for what optimists anticipation volition beryllium a crippled of “catch up.”

Late past month, David Marcus, CEO and laminitis of Bitcoin steadfast Lightspark, predicted that the "crypto winter" would outlast 2023 and adjacent widen past Bitcoin's adjacent block subsidy halving event.

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