$200 Million Transferred From Binance to Justin Sun, What's Happening?

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Arman Shirinyan

Rumor astir Huobi's implosion and beardown spike successful enactment of Justin Sun's wallet rise questions

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According to a bid of precocious occurred transactions, Justin Sun has received $200 cardinal from the Binance speech to his idiosyncratic wallets. The flurry of transactions is happening portion rumors astir the problematic authorities of Huobi are rising successful the background. Justin Sun is officially affiliated to Huobi.

Back successful December, Justin Sun withdrew $1.1 cardinal from assorted exchanges, causing panic among immoderate Huobi users and investors since the main rumor successful the abstraction was that Sun is utilizing idiosyncratic funds to backmost up the solvency of the cryptocurrency exchange.

🟡 Justin's $1.1B withdrawal:

- It was speculated that this was utilized to money Huobi's operations
- Likely untrue, the magnitude is mode excessively ample to screen pain rate
- Even Twitter moving astatine its astir wasteful authorities lone burns astatine $4mil/month
- Whispers of him cashing out

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The concern has been aggravated by the information that Huobi China has fired and recontracted their unit to Huobi Global to easiness up the existing unit connected the company. Additionally, each bonuses person been canceled and a ample portion of the unit has been laid off.

The aforementioned $200 cardinal withdrawal from Binance lone fueled speculations astir the imaginable insolvency of Huobi. At the aforesaid time, spreading FUD would not be the astir rational happening to bash close now, considering the deficiency of grounds the thesis astir Huobi bailing has underneath.

First of all, Huobi is not losing arsenic overmuch wealth arsenic 1 mightiness think. The magnitude withdrawn by Sun backmost successful December is capable to assistance Huobi stay afloat for astatine slightest a fewer months. The $200 cardinal withdrawn contiguous would marque the cryptocurrency speech adjacent much resilient, adjacent though determination is nary request to bash so.

The astir apt crushed could beryllium tied to Sun's tendency to currency retired immoderate of his holdings successful bid to support much liquid, alternatively than bailing retired a monolithic speech with his idiosyncratic funds.

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