600 Billion SHIB Mysteriously Kicked off Robinhood – What's Happening?

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600 Billion SHIB Mysteriously Kicked disconnected  Robinhood – What's Happening?

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Popular cryptocurrency tracker Whale Alert, which tracks down ample crypto transfers, has dispersed the connection astir respective 100 cardinal SHIB meme coins getting withdrawn from large trading level Robinhood. The destination of this transportation is an anonymous wallet.

Aside from this monolithic SHIB transfer, Whale Alert besides spotted 2 different ample meme crypto transactions, arsenic 326 cardinal Dogecoin were moved from the aforesaid platform.

600 cardinal SHIB and 326 cardinal DOGE connected move

The tremendous transportation of much than fractional a trillion Shiba Inu meme coins was detected by the aforementioned information root astir 13 hours ago. In fiat, this constitutes an equivalent of $13,713,299. The transaction was made to a blockchain wallet tagged by Whale Alert arsenic unknown.

This transaction was made betwixt 2 ample transfers of different fashionable meme cryptocurrency – Dogecoin: 200,000,000 and 126,705,738 DOGE (almost 327 cardinal DOGE successful total), valued astatine $28,790,166 and $18,431,371.

Overall, SHIB whales’ enactment has seen a drastic summation arsenic of late; arsenic reported by U.Today, implicit the past week, a staggering 17 trillion SHIB person been transferred, according to information shared by IntoTheBlock.

Still, a deeper look astatine each 3 of these transactions made from Robinhood amusement that the 3 meme coin lumps ended up obscurity but backmost connected Robinhood, with the destination wallets beryllium to this trading venue, indicating that Robinhood has been reshuffling its SHIB and DOGE holdings.


Key SHIB metric soars 2,814%

According to the Shibburn explorer, since yesterday morning, the SHIB assemblage has made important advancement successful reducing the SHIB circulating supply. Their associated efforts successful burning SHIB person helped to rise the burn complaint by 2,814%, sending a full of 7,912,388 Shiba Inu meme coins into unspendable blockchain addresses.

There person been 7 pain transfers wide truthful far, with the 3 largest ones carrying 4,320,587; 1,538,128 and 1,031,814 SHIB. The tiny pain transportation present constituted 5,683 SHIB.

Bearish SHIB terms performance

Over the play of the past 24 hours, the 2nd largest meme cryptocurrency by marketplace capitalization size has shown antagonistic marketplace show arsenic it declined by 5.5%, falling to the $0.00002218 terms mark.

This terms autumn coincided with a akin determination bybBitcoin arsenic it plunged by astir 4% successful the past 24 hours, losing the $70,000 level and plummeting to $66,997.

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