$62M crypto stolen in Dec was the ‘lowest monthly figure’ in 2022: CertiK

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The period of December had the smallest fig for cryptocurrencies stolen successful 2022 with astir 23 large incidents according to CertiK.


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Cryptocurrency hackers and exploiters seemingly slowed down for the 2022 holidays arsenic December saw $62.2 cardinal worthy of cryptocurrencies stolen, the “lowest monthly figure” of the twelvemonth according to CertiK.

The blockchain information institution tweeted a database of the month's astir important attacks connected Dec. 31. It highlighted the $15.5 cardinal worthy of exit scams arsenic the method that stole the astir worth implicit the period followed by the $7.6 cardinal worthy of flash loan-based exploits.


Combining each the incidents successful December we’ve confirmed ~$62.2M mislaid to exploits, hacks and scams.

The lowest monthly fig this year.

Exit scams were ~$15.5M

Flashloans were ~$7.6M

See the details beneath pic.twitter.com/1ub3mYVv6K

— CertiK Alert (@CertiKAlert) December 31, 2022

A aboriginal tweet connected Jan. 1 confirmed the 23 largest exploits were liable for astir 98.5% of the $62.2 cardinal figure, with the $15 cardinal Helio Protocol incident connected Dec. 2 the largest of the month.

The protocol, which manages the stablecoin HAY (HAY), suffered a nonaccomplishment erstwhile a trader took vantage of a terms discrepancy successful Ankr Reward Bearing Staked BNB (aBNBc) to get millions worthy of HAY.

At the time, decentralized concern (DeFi) protocol Ankr suffered a abstracted exploit wherever an attacker minted 20 trillion aBNBc causing its terms to plummet. The Helio trader rapidly deposited aBNBc tokens to borrow 16 cardinal HAY causing the indebtedness to beryllium importantly undercollateralized starring to the protocol's nonaccomplishment and a depeg of its stablecoin.

The 2nd largest incidental of the period was the $12.9 cardinal exploits of Defrost Finance’s v1 and v2 protocols connected Dec. 23 wherever an attacker carried retired a flash indebtedness onslaught by adding a fake collateral token and a malicious terms oracle to liquidate the protocol.

Days aft the exploit, the hacker returned the funds stolen from the v1 protocol to an code controlled by Defrost, though funds are yet to person been returned for the v2 hack.

CertiK labeled the exploit an “exit scam” owed to the information an admin cardinal was required to behaviour the attack. Defrost denied the allegations to Cointelegraph claiming the cardinal was compromised.

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The December fig is overmuch little than the period prior, seeing an 89.5% alteration from the $595 cardinal worthy of exploits crossed 36 large incidents CertiK recorded successful November 2022, a fig mostly skewed by the $477 cardinal hack of crypto speech FTX.


36 large attacks were recorded successful November totalling a nonaccomplishment of ~$595 Million.

As always, marque definite a task has an audit & KYC earlier investing!

Remember to ever #DYOR and work the audit reports! pic.twitter.com/UhiDU2itAm

— CertiK Alert (@CertiKAlert) December 1, 2022

Overall for 2022, conscionable the largest 10 exploits of the twelvemonth funneled astir $2.1 cardinal to the spaces atrocious actors mostly taking spot connected cross-blockchain bridges and DeFi protocols.

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