ADA 75% Bigger Than SOL as Solana Gets Flipped by Tron: YouTuber Ben Armstrong

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Crypto blogger Armstrong praises ADA, slams Solana arsenic it falls beneath Tron by marketplace capitalization

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Controversial crypto YouTuber Ben Armstrong, besides wide known arsenic BitBoy connected societal media, has taken to Twitter to corroborate his enactment for Cardano's ADA and however overmuch helium despises the SOL token of the Solana blockchain.

After his tweet, successful which helium said that Tron was astir to flip Solana by the marketplace headdress figure, SOL already went nether TRX connected the CoinMarketCap website.

"ADA is 75% bigger than SOL," BitBoy keeps slamming Solana

Armstrong reminded the assemblage that Cardano's autochthonal token, ADA, is 75% bigger than SOL by marketplace capitalization value. Besides, arsenic if successful accordance with his reflection that TRX was astir to flip SOL connected CoinMarketCap, this has so happened. Now, TRX has surpassed some SOL and SHIB tokens, taking 14th place, portion SHIB and SOL present reside successful 16th and 15th places, respectively.

OMG the funniest happening astir however bittersweet the #Solana fantrolls is they effort to marque it look similar they are much applicable than #Cardano. $ADA is 75% bigger than $SOL.

Let maine amusement you a picture. One task is apical 10. One is astir to get knocked disconnected by Tron.

— Ben Armstrong (@Bitboy_Crypto) January 4, 2023

Initially, astatine the extremity of December, SHIB surpassed SOL by the aforementioned metric, but now, some of these tokens are breathing down Tron's neck.

In his tweet, Armstrong slammed "Solana fantrolls," who are trying to nutrient an content that they and the concatenation they enactment are more applicable than Cardano and its autochthonal token.

In his earlier tweets, "BitBoy" Ben Armstrong has, galore times, criticized Solana, accusing it of being centralized, and of different things too. In particular, helium stated that its VC investors person dumped their SOL connected the community. Besides, the Solana assemblage itself, according to the YouTuber, consists of "Toxic People Married to Underwater Bags." Besides, helium keeps reminding his followers that the laminitis of the FTX elephantine that went bankrupt recently, Sam Bankman-Fried (known arsenic SBF), was Solana's biggest protagonist successful the space.

SOL terms up 17.25%, here's what's driving it

As reported by U.Today earlier, implicit the past 24 hours, Solana's terms jumped by astir 20% from the $8 level it deed aft the illness of the chain's large protagonist SBF, who utilized the funds of his trading institution Alameda Research to bargain a whopping amounts of this token. SOL has already recaptured 15th place on CMC, which SHIB mislaid to the second not agelong ago.

Overall, SOL collapsed from the precocious of $260 each the mode down to the $8 mark. But present its marketplace sentiment has improved a little.

The 17% rally for SOL was caused by the precocious conducted airdrop of a caller canine meme coin called BONK. For immoderate reason, this lawsuit made the SOL assemblage enthusiastic. However, BitBoy has shared a mentation that San Bankman-Fried and FTX could beryllium lasting down the motorboat of BONK.

The YouTuber admits that this is simply his assumption, but the longer helium thinks astir it, the much inclined helium is to judge determination is information successful this.

If you don’t deliberation it’s imaginable SBF/Alameda is down $bonk you are intellectually dishonest. I’m not saying it’s guaranteed, but the much I look astatine it the stronger I judge the anticipation is.

They said helium wasn’t down $SUSHI too. He already has done a canine coin $SAMO

— Ben Armstrong (@Bitboy_Crypto) January 3, 2023
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