Agrotoken Teams up With Tanssi to Advance Agro Finance Segment in South America via Polkadot (DOT)

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Appchain infrastructure level Tanssi has entered into a semipermanent strategical practice with Agrotoken, a pioneering planetary tokenization level for cultivation commodities. The collab volition substance caller solutions for agriculture businesses successful South America.

Agrotoken, Tanssi people concern to leverage Polkadot (DOT) for agriculture finances successful South America

Agrotoken, a cutting-edge tokenization level for agriculture businesses, scored a concern with Tanssi, a multi-purpose appchain protocol for Web3 venues. The 2 teams volition enactment unneurotic connected Polkadot-based agro-finance solutions for the South American market.

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Inaugural iterations of associated products volition beryllium focused connected Brazil and Argentina, with much determination agriculture heavyweights to come.

Agrotoken volition leverage Tanssi’s dedicated appchain exertion to make a blockchain-based solution for collateralizing loans with tokenized grains. This necessitates analyzable processes for tracking atom values, indebtedness terms, ownership transfers and repayment schedules that a general-purpose blockchain cannot easy handle. Equipped with its ain appchain, Agrotoken volition beryllium capable to efficiently digitize commodities and negociate their lifecycle.

Agrotoken CTO and cofounder Ariel Scaliter is enthusiastic astir the opportunities the collaboration with Tanssi unlocks for his squad and the tokenization conception arsenic a whole:

We are precise excited to commencement moving with Tanssi connected relationship of their scalable infrastructure built with Polkadot and its simplicity successful implementation. This collaboration volition let america to research earthy assets tokenization with greater velocity and flexibility.

Agrotoken operates successful large cultivation markets, wherever agribusiness represents a important information of GDP, including Brazil (22%), Argentina (6.6%) and the United States (5.5%). Due to the size and complexity of the market, Agrotoken requires a robust, reliable and scalable infrastructure, characteristics that are inherent to appchains, Tanssi's main concern projects.

New accomplishments for tokenization successful agriculture business

As a pioneer of galore captious solutions for the segment, Agrotoken deed a fig of astonishing tech advancement and concern improvement milestones since its launch.

The level has already tokenized $70 cardinal deals successful cereals, the equivalent of 230,000 tons of soybeans, maize and wheat. As this enactment scales, Tanssi's enactment volition powerfulness Agrotoken's maturation portion maintaining optimum performance. Tanssi volition supply Agrotoken with indispensable infrastructure tools arsenic a service, enabling the motorboat of its appchain with conscionable a fewer clicks, and volition enactment artifact accumulation on with cardinal integrations specified arsenic oracles and wallets.

This collaboration marks the archetypal agrobusiness usage lawsuit to beryllium developed wrong the Tanssi ecosystem, which operates connected Polkadot’s Substrate, a battle-tested model for decentralized applications and interconnected sub-blockchains.

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