Akt.io: Next-generation wealth management app now officially available in Italy!

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AKT.IO is arrogant to denote that it is officially registered wrong the Organismo Agenti e Mediatori (OAM) as a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) successful Italy since 29/12/2022. This registration is portion of our strategy to grow our services to the astir applicable European markets. AKT.IO officially joins the large leagues and other  VASPs, including Binance, Nexo Coinbase, and Crypto.com, that secured support from Italy’s OAM registry successful 2022. 

After being disposable for 10 months, AKT.IO has created a increasing assemblage of much than 100,000 AKTers (users of the AKT.IO application) wrong the European retail market,  the fiscal tech level distributed from Ireland with a French R&D squad wishes to conquer much expansive spaces and people each generations with 1 azygous goal: democratizing precocious exertion similar blockchain oregon crypto to springiness everyone the quality to gain much from their money. 


With their claims, Your wealth has value, The 1% exertion disposable for allor  Pay by your rules, AKT.IO offers users a wide imaginativeness of however they privation to stitchery caller users: AKT.IO provides a mode to summation backmost power implicit wealth and savings.  

In the existent fiscal world, astir fiscal apps absorption connected easing spending. On the contrary, AKT.IO focuses connected empowering your money. By leveraging analyzable blockchain technology, AKT.IO tin connection a caller earning anticipation – the Euro Vault (https://www.akt.io/earn/).  

Not lone bash they revolutionize savings, but they besides marque crypto trading easy accessible and stress-free with a brand-new mode to assistance users marque informed decisions based connected a halfway proprietary algorithm that provides continuous investigation of the market. With over 90+ integer assets available, users tin number connected highly acquisition contented and Market Sentiment, the intelligent algorithm, to assistance navigate analyzable markets done insights and adept analysis. Giving users the  accusation and penetration to marque educated decisions astir their wealth while democratizing entree and process to blockchain investments done a seamless  next-generation wealth app is what motivated Gael Itier, their CEO, successful the archetypal place:  

“With akt.io we privation to springiness the anticipation to bargain cryptocurrencies to each and to springiness everybody the tools they request to marque the astir of their money. The accepted satellite of concern is often intimidating and galore consciousness unopen out, instead, arsenic a result, the wealth sits stagnant successful an relationship with small oregon nary returns. Akt.io empowers the idiosyncratic to gain  from their wealth with an easy-to-use interface offering beginners coaching and  proposal done videos and tutorials connected however to get the champion retired of their wealth and  summation their fiscal autonomy.” 

Gael ITIER – Founder and CEO 

The upcoming WealthBot, planned for 2023 is an intelligent robo-advisor powered by proprietary algorithms and developed by an R&D squad based successful France. This  customizable instrumentality volition automatically put and negociate buy&sell operations connected behalf  of users: 

Create an automated portfolio tailored to your idiosyncratic needs; Select an capitalist illustration that matches your ain appetite; 

Powered by intelligent algorithms and precocious method analysis. AKT.IO – THE HISTORY BEHIND THE TECHNOLOGY 

AKT.IO founders met successful London, a planetary fiscal center, and a metropolis wherever large fiscal problems are astir evident. The injustice successful the fiscal strategy forces mean radical to beryllium contented with savings accounts portion reserving the champion wealth-generating tools for lone a few.  

They started successful 2017 with an thought that became a ngo – Disrupting the aging fiscal strategy by democratizing exertion to physique a amended fiscal aboriginal for all.

The AKT.IO task has raised 27 cardinal euros done an ICO to present amended wealthiness absorption solutions each implicit Europe. Distributed from Ireland with development, R&D, and selling teams successful France, the AKT.IO task contiguous has gathered 50+ like-minded radical moving unneurotic from 6 antithetic cities across  Europe to service the communal goal: springiness radical backmost the powerfulness implicit their money.  

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Kevin REGIS 

Chief Operating Officer (COO) AKT.IO 


Disclaimer: This is simply a paid station and should not beryllium treated arsenic news/advice.  

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