ArrayMonk ($AMK) launches presale on 1 August

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ArrayMonk is arrogant to announce, that it’ll footwear disconnected the ICO presale connected 1 August, offering users a accidental to acquisition $AMK tokens astatine the opening terms of conscionable $0.01 each. The squad believes ArrayMonk volition beryllium a game-changing task that’s acceptable to revolutionize the crypto world, creating a token that brings unneurotic blockchain exertion and swag.

ArrayMonk boasts a real, tangible merchandise – a cutting-edge mobile exertion that elevates the user’s crypto experience, portion providing inferior to the ($AMK) token, dissimilar astir meme coins that trust solely connected trading volume.

With the ArrayMonk app, users tin unlock a satellite of possibilities. Users tin seamlessly prosecute successful peer-to-peer transactions, making it easier and faster to commercialized and interact with their favourite tokens. No much struggling with analyzable processes – ArrayMonk streamlines the full acquisition for its users.

In addition, ArrayMonk’s mobile exertion besides offers unafraid and user-friendly wallet services, providing users with a harmless haven for each their integer assets, whilst promoting bid of mind.

The ($AMK) token combines the powerfulness of blockchain exertion with the swag users crave. ArrayMonk is not conscionable different run-of-the-mill coin; it’s a awesome of innovation and practicality successful the crypto world.

The ArrayMonk assemblage store has accessories disposable astatine the AMK SHOP, wherever users store for assorted items recovered here:

By participating successful the ICO presale, users tin acquisition the ($AMK) token and articulation a vibrant and forward-thinking assemblage that’s excited astir the aboriginal of crypto. ArrayMonk brings a almighty operation of blockchain exertion and swag, creating a unsocial task that stands retired from the rest. The squad is committed to ensuring that ArrayMonk gets the designation and vulnerability it genuinely deserves.

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