AscendEX lists COPI: The Cornucopias token built on engine 5 game

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AscendEX is excited to denote the listing of Cornucopias nether the trading pair: COPI/USDT. Trading begins connected July 26th. COPI is the currency of the Cornucopias ecosystem. 

Cornucopias are acceptable to redefine the gaming scenery arsenic players delve into a bubble-verse,  exploring immense floating domes thousands of meters supra the Earth’s surface. Developed in  Unreal Engine 5, Cornucopias pushes the boundaries of graphics prime portion maintaining optimal performance.

The creation utilized wrong the crippled is 100% customized designed by the team,  determination person been nary store-bought assets utilized successful the making of this game. As players measurement into this mesmerizing world, they volition beryllium captivated by the ever-evolving and visually stunning landscapes.  

One of the game’s astir groundbreaking features is the integer ownership of each integer assets.  From vehicles for traversing the Cornucopian onshore masses to onshore plots for participating successful the in-game system and adjacent customizable domes for entrepreneurs and contented creators, all  

assets are genuinely owned by the players. This has resulted successful an unthinkable demand, with immoderate assets selling retired wrong minutes. 

Cornucopias offers a plethora of gameplay choices, catering to divers subordinate preferences.  The possibilities are limitless, whether you fancy transporting cargo betwixt zones, operating a farm, trading invaluable resources, oregon gathering your empire wrong customized domes. With dynamic and immersive gameplay, players tin either articulation forces with others from astir the satellite oregon task solo successful this immense unfastened world. 

The COPI token is the autochthonal token of the full ecosystem. COPI is disposable connected 2 chiseled chains, BSC (Binance Smart Chain) and arsenic a Cardano autochthonal token. It is designed to springiness you a  scope of utilities including usage successful the Cornucopias marketplace, and governance to determine the aboriginal absorption of the crippled including aboriginal integrations, games, and NFT marketplaces. 

About AscendEX 

Launched successful 2018, AscendEX is simply a planetary cryptocurrency exchange, servicing retail and organization clients globally, done its broad merchandise suite including spot, margin, and futures trading, wallet services, and staking enactment for implicit 200 blockchain projects specified as  Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, and more.

The caller listing of the COPI token on  AscendEX opens a caller introduction constituent for investors and gaming fans to get rewarded for participating successful the crippled economy. 

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