Assessing the current status of MakerDAO for long-term MKR holders

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  • MakerDAO reported a nett of much than $2.8 cardinal done its real-world assets.
  • The gross generated by the protocol grew, alongside an expanding involvement successful the MKR token.

MakerDAO [MKR], the protocol which was reigning atop the DeFi abstraction successful presumption of TVL, lost its spot to Lido connected 3 January. However, the protocol remained undeterred and continued to physique and put funds to turn the DAO.

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According to caller data, MakerDAO reported a nett of much than $2.8 cardinal from its caller investments.

This is the existent presumption of Monetalis Clydesdale's portfolio (MIP65), which deployed 500 cardinal USDC of the PSM into short-term bonds:

• ~$349 cardinal of IB01: iShares $ Treasury Bond 0-1 yr UCITS ETF

• ~$150.9 cardinal of IBTA: iShares $ Treasury Bond 1-3 yr UCITS ETF

— Maker (@MakerDAO) January 4, 2023

Peeking wrong the MakerDAO vault

MIP65, besides known arsenic Monetalis Clydesdale, is simply a vault connected the protocol deploying MakerDAO superior to put successful short-term bonds and ETFs. MakerDAO has deployed astir $500 cardinal worthy of USDC into assorted short-term bonds done the MIP65.

The vault has invested chiefly successful 2 commodities: IB01 and IBTA. IB01 is simply a tracker for one-year U.S. treasury bonds, and IBTA is simply a tracker for 1 – three-year U.S. treasury bonds. At the clip of writing, astir vault funds were deployed into IB01, which made up astir 69.8% of the wide vault investments.

Source: Dune Analytics

Along with the investments successful these bonds, MakerDAO was observed to beryllium allocating its resources to different real-world assets arsenic well.

For instance, MakerDAO opened up a $100 cardinal DAI indebtedness to Huntington Valley Bank and besides onboarded euro-dominated covered bonds implicit the past month.

Source: Dune Analytics

These investments proved to beryllium fruitful, arsenic the gross generated by the protocol continued to summation implicit the past 3 months, based connected information provided by Dune Analytics. Real-world assets contributed the astir to the revenue. Other large sources of gross for MakerDAO were their investments successful Ethereum and Stablecoins.

However, the gross collected done users connected the protocol whitethorn diminution successful the adjacent future. This is due to the fact that the fig of unsocial users connected the protocol declined by 54.57%, according to information provided by Messari.

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Looking astatine the data

Even though the fig of unsocial users connected the protocol declined, the involvement successful the MKR token accrued successful the past week.

Based connected information provided by Santiment, it was observed that the MKR’s measurement grew from 14 cardinal to 38.6 cardinal successful the past 7 days. MKR’s terms paralleled that growth, too. However, contempt MKR’s increasing prices, the MVRV ratio for the token remained negative.

This implied that the holders of the MKR token would person to hold for the terms to rally adjacent further if they wished to merchantability their holdings for a profit.

Source: Santiment

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