Balancer warns some LPs to remove liquidity ASAP because of a 'related issue'

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The squad did not disclose what the contented is, but stated that it "cannot beryllium mitigated by the exigency DAO."

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Balancer warns immoderate   LPs to region   liquidity ASAP due to the fact that of a 'related issue'

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In a Jan. 6 tweet, DeFi protocol Balancer warned definite liquidity providers to region their LPs "ASAP" owed to an ongoing contented related to immoderate of the service's pools. Some pools person had their fees acceptable to zero by the balancer exigency multisig, but the squad indicated that not each effects of the inactive chartless contented could beryllium mitigated successful this way.

Balancer listed the pools that request to beryllium withdrawn to see DOLA / bb-a-USD connected Ethereum, It's MAI beingness and Smells Like Spartan Spirit connected Optimism, and Tenacious Dollar connected Fantom.

IMPORTANT: Because of a related issue, LPs of the pursuing pools should region their liquidity ASAP arsenic the contented cannot beryllium mitigated by the exigency DAO.

— Balancer (@Balancer) January 6, 2023

At 2:03 a.m. UTC connected January 6, Balancer took to Twitter to denote an "issue" with liquidity pools connected the platform. It stated that protocol fees person been acceptable to zero to mitigate the issue, and that much details "will beryllium publically disclosed successful the adjacent future."

Protocol fees of immoderate Balancer pools person been acceptable to 0 to debar an contented that is present mitigated and volition beryllium publically disclosed successful the adjacent future.

This has been done by the exigency multisig, a 4/7 comprised of BLabs engineers and Balancer Maxis:

— Balancer (@Balancer) January 6, 2023

This communicative is ongoing, and volition beryllium updated arsenic much accusation comes in.

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