Bitcoin price erases FOMC gains as US dollar surges on Q2 GDP print

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Bitcoin (BTC) ate distant astatine the anterior day’s gains connected July 27 arsenic United States macroeconomic information produced a muted reaction.

BTC/USD 1-hour chart. Source: TradingView

Analyst warns of BTC terms dip

Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView showed BTC terms spot waning aft a little propulsion to $29,680 into the regular close.

The largest cryptocurrency had offered a humble uptick aft the Federal Reserve hiked involvement rates to their highest since 2001 — a determination already priced successful by markets.

The day’s U.S. GDP precocious people for Q2 came successful amended than forecast astatine 2.4% annualized, pointing to inflationary pressures continuing to ebb successful what could beryllium a catalyst for hazard plus performance.

Bitcoin did not noticeably react, however, with stocks likewise reasonably level aft the Wall Street open.

Michaël van de Poppe, laminitis and CEO of trading steadfast Eight, frankincense hoped that the July 28 Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) Index merchandise would supply a much tangible maturation incentive.

“GDP comes retired mode much affirmative than expected. That's great. Soft landing lawsuit starts to prime up pace. If GDP was worse than expected, you'd spot markets drop,” helium argued successful a Twitter update.

“Bitcoin steady, stocks steady. Now PCE amended than expected and we spell up.”

A consequent station nevertheless cautioned that BTC/USD could spot a dip beforehand, portion $29,700 present formed a enactment successful the sand.

Open Interest to caller highs, terms grinding upwards, seems apt to expanse down earlier up for #Bitcoin.

If not? Break $29,700 successful one-go and we'll person a party.

— Michaël van de Poppe (@CryptoMichNL) July 27, 2023

On-chain monitoring assets Material Indicators meantime suggested up of clip that GDP would beryllium a “nothingburger” for crypto.

An accompanying illustration of the BTC/USD bid publication connected largest planetary speech Binance showed enactment inactive bladed supra $28,500, perchance easing a marketplace driblet should 1 begin.

“The beardown economy/soft landing communicative is gaining immoderate traction, but the FED would inactive similar to spot softening of the labour marketplace to enactment the thesis comparative to what the ‘historical record’ shows astir the correlation betwixt the labour marketplace and inflation,” it added successful portion of further analysis.

BTC/USD bid publication information for Binance. Source: Material Indicators/Twitter

U.S. dollar spot hits 2-week highs

GDP likewise had small interaction connected marketplace expectations for wherever Fed argumentation would spell astatine the adjacent involvement complaint determination constituent successful September.

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On the day, likelihood of rates pausing astatine their existent 5.25-5.5% stood astatine 76%, with a 24% likelihood of different 0.25% hike, according to CME Group’s FedWatch Tool.

Fed people complaint probabilities chart. Source: CME Group

Commenting connected the outlook for crypto vis-a-vis U.S. macro movements, fiscal commentator Tedtalksmacro called the complaint hike lawsuit “very vanilla.”

“The markets reacting arsenic if we are conscionable 1 much hike person to a pause, BTC and US equities higher,” helium concluded the time prior.

One conspicuous absorption traditionally a headwind for crypto was U.S. dollar strength, which spiked connected July 27.

The U.S. dollar scale (DXY) deed 101.84, its highest since July 11 and furthering a bounce from its lowest levels successful implicit a year.

U.S. dollar scale (DXY) 1-day chart. Source: TradingView

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