Bitcoin Turns 14, Here's How It Started

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Alex Dovbnya

Bitcoin's genesis artifact was launched connected this time 14 years ago

The Bitcoin blockchain has present been running for 14 years, a singular feat.

Today marks the day of the genesis block, which was mined connected Jan. 3, 2009, astatine the tallness of a planetary fiscal crisis.

The Bitcoin genesis artifact was launched by the infamous Satoshi Nakamoto, whose existent individuality remains unknown.

The genesis artifact was the precise archetypal 1 connected the Bitcoin blockchain and marked some the opening of a caller epoch successful decentralized integer wealth and the launching of rather perchance 1 of the astir revolutionary inventions of this century.

The genesis artifact contained 50 Bitcoins, which were not spent, arsenic cryptographers had theorized that this was going to beryllium considered a reward for moving nodes connected the network. It besides contains an aged paper header from The London Times, which reads "Chancellor connected brink of 2nd bailout for banks." This was thought to beryllium a connection astir the authorities of wealth successful wide astatine the time, with banks being bailed retired owed to irresponsible banking practices.

It has been speculated that Satoshi utilized this header to awesome absorption to the mode large banks ran things earlier cryptocurrencies came into existence, and however thing similar Bitcoin could marque those aforesaid banks redundant by providing decentralized solutions for financially managing transactions.

The Bitcoin blockchain itself has changed drastically since its humble beginnings 10 years ago, with the full fig of blocks reaching 770,111. Bitcoin remains astatine the forefront of integer currency trading.

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