ICO damages ‘far beyond’ $22M, ENF founder says

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The latest ineligible enactment against (B1), the creator and archetypal seller of EOS (EOS), could perchance assistance plaintiffs get higher compensation, according to EOS Network Foundation (ENF) laminitis and CEO Yves La Rose.

On July 25, La Rose officially announced that ENF is preparing a suit against for its nonaccomplishment to travel done connected its $1-billion pursuing its $4.1-billion rise successful 2018.

The CEO argued that’s breached promises to put $1 cardinal caused large issues for the EOS assemblage and promised to clasp the steadfast accountable.

As galore investors person already been portion of different people enactment against, a fig of those mightiness request to opt retired of their existent lawsuits, La Rose said.

“They would bash that if they aren’t satisfied with the existent colony connection and judge their interests are amended suited by opting out, which is simply a communal practice,” the ENF laminitis told Cointelegraph.

La Rose added that opting retired of an aged people suit could effect successful “obtaining a higher payout,” but it could besides effect successful receiving nothing.

“There are nary guarantees, which is wherefore this is simply a idiosyncratic prime they request to make,” the ENF laminitis noted, reiterating that the steadfast recommends immoderate idiosyncratic consult their ain ineligible counsel to find which way is champion for them.

La Rose besides emphasized that the magnitude of colony successful the existent people enactment mightiness not beryllium capable for those who were affected. He stated:

“Not everyone is covered successful the existent class, and truthful this caller contemplated enactment besides widens the excavation of imaginable participants. Also, the measly $22 cardinal that offered is pathetic. The damages caused connected a $4-billion rise are acold beyond what is being offered successful reparations.”’s EOS archetypal coin offering (ICO) became 1 of the largest crowdfunding raises successful history, raising arsenic overmuch arsenic $4.1 billion by June 2018 and outstripping Telegram’s $1.7 cardinal ICO.

By the extremity of its year-long crowdsale, EOS was trading astatine astir $12, oregon astir 44% down from its highest terms recorded successful April 2018. The cryptocurrency past experienced a mates of ups and downs, yet plummeting each the mode down beneath $1. At the clip of writing, EOS is trading astatine $0.74, down astir 30% implicit the past year.

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Despite a monolithic decline, EOS is inactive 1 of the biggest cryptocurrencies by marketplace capitalization, which amounts to $827 cardinal astatine the clip of writing. That makes the EOS cryptocurrency the 54th largest coin by marketplace value, according to CoinGecko.

EOS all-time terms chart. Source: CoinGecko

In 2019, agreed to wage a $24-million civilian good to settee with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission implicit charges that it held an unregistered ICO. A fewer months later, disgruntled investors started a class-action suit against, arguing that the steadfast deceived tokenholders astir its fiscal history, operations and budget, arsenic good arsenic enforcement compensation, worldly trends, hazard factors and others.

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