BONK Burns Half a Trillion Tokens, Sending Price up 107%

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Godfrey Benjamin

New Solana-based meme coin BONK soared 107% pursuing its latest pain campaign

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Bonk (BONK), the caller meme coin successful municipality that prides itself arsenic the archetypal Solana Dog coin, has been connected the emergence each week long. The token's latest maturation is presently being fueled by the update shared connected the token's Twitter page. According to the token, it has burnt off a full of 500 cardinal coins, cementing 1 of the astir assertive token pain campaigns successful the crypto ecosystem of today.

While this twelvemonth opened for astir coins connected a affirmative note, it is inactive someway uncommon to find a token that can record double-digit maturation connected the regular chart. As acold arsenic the BONK token is concerned, it has outstripped all coins successful the apical 100 and is presently trading up 107% astatine the clip of penning to $0.000001932. Drawing connected its existent maturation tracks, BONK is present up by much than 2,080% since it recorded its all-time debased (ATL) of $0.000000086142 astir 5 days ago.

Considering the existent outlook of the broader crypto world, the chances that BONK volition beryllium capable to support up with its bullish tally are rather slim. Investors — particularly retail traders — person not seen specified a momentous leap successful rather immoderate time, and with this, galore mightiness beryllium forced to instrumentality profits sometime soon.

New DOGE slayer successful town?

With the terms of BONK and the hype astir it, determination is nary uncertainty that it is the new meme coin successful town, and similar Shiba Inu (SHIB), it whitethorn commencement parading itself arsenic a Dogecoin (DOGE) killer. Over time, meme coins similar DOGE and SHIB are known wholly for their pump-and-dump scheme, and this whitethorn go the caller communicative for BONK arsenic it continues to emergence successful popularity.

While BONK is presently being traded connected MEXC Global and Huobi, exchanges are becoming rather wary of meme coins, arsenic shown successful Binance's caller delisting of a Shiba Inu pair.

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