Cake DeFi publishes Merkle tree-based Proof of Reserves

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According to Cake DeFi, users tin present verify some assets and liabilities done their website.

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Cake DeFi publishes Merkle tree-based Proof of Reserves

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Singapore-based decentralized concern (DeFi) services firm, Cake DeFi, has announced the merchandise of its Proof of Reserves utilizing the cryptographically-audited Merkle histrion method. 

Developed by Ralph Merkle successful 1979, the Merkle histrion method is simply a mode of proving that a definite portion of information is included successful a acceptable of data, without revealing the full acceptable of data. Under the impervious of reserves method, a Merkle histrion is utilized to beryllium that a cryptocurrency speech has the reserves it claims to have, without revealing the nonstop amounts of each cryptocurrency that it holds, successful bid to support the privateness of the level and its users.

Security and transparency aren't conscionable duties, they're a necessity, and we unrecorded them each day. As portion of our ongoing effort to physique the astir trusted and transparent one-stop #DeFi and Web3 platform, we are publishing our #ProofofReserves

— Cake DeFi (@cakedefi) November 11, 2022

According to the DeFi services firm, users tin present verify their assets, arsenic good arsenic the company's liabilities, successful a recently rolled-out diagnostic that grants nationalist entree to its Merkle histrion Proof of Reserves, disposable connected its website. The instrumentality intends to alteration users to execute a self-audit of their ain funds nether the Merkle histrion information structure. 

In the tone of transparency, Cake DeFi said it volition besides alteration users to spot however yields are generated, with real-time on-chain information astir lawsuit funds.

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Although galore exchanges specified arsenic Binance,, Bybit, and OKX, person each rolled retired Merkle Tree-based impervious of reserves to beforehand transparency pursuing the illness of FTX, immoderate officials remain skeptical astir the efficacy of the Merkle tree-based impervious of reserves. 

In a Dec. 22 interrogation with The Wall Street Journal, the SEC’s acting main accountant, Paul Munter, shared that the results of these audits aren’t needfully an indicator that the institution is successful a bully fiscal position. According to him, proof-of-reserves reports by exchanges “lack” capable information for stakeholders to find whether the institution has capable assets to conscionable its liabilities.

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