Cameron Winklevoss pens open letter to Barry Silbert about Gemini’s blocked funds

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Both sides are facing fiscal headwinds, and Gemini was sued past week implicit wealth locked successful its Earn program.

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Cameron Winklevoss pens unfastened  missive  to Barry Silbert astir  Gemini’s blocked funds

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Jan. 2 “marks 47 days since Genesis halted withdrawals,” Cameron Winklevoss, cofounder of the cryptocurrency speech Gemini, pointed retired successful an unfastened missive to Barry Silbert, CEO of the Digital Currency Group (DCG), which owns Genesis. Winklevoss went connected to marque a blunt appraisal of DCG’s concern practices.

According to the missive Winklevoss posted connected Twitter, Genesis owes Gemini $900 cardinal for funds Gemini lent to it arsenic portion of the Gemini Earn program. “For the past six weeks, we person done everything we tin to prosecute with you successful a bully religion and collaborative mode successful bid to scope a consensual solution for you to wage backmost the $900 cardinal that you owe,” Winklevoss wrote, however:

“Every clip we inquire you for tangible engagement, you fell down lawyers, concern bankers, and process.”

Winklevoss claimed DCG owed its subsidiary Genesis wealth that it has not repaid, starring to the nonaccomplishment of Genesis to wage Gemini.

Gemini was sued by investors connected Dec. 27. The suit alleged that Gemini engaged successful fraud and violations of the securities laws due to the fact that the Earn programme was not registered and the investors were incapable to measure its risks fully. Earn stopped paying investors successful November.

DCG did not get $1.675 cardinal from Genesis

DCG has ne'er missed an involvement outgo to Genesis and is existent connected each loans outstanding; adjacent indebtedness maturity is May 2023

DCG delivered to Genesis and your advisors a connection connected December 29th and has not received immoderate response

— Barry Silbert (@BarrySilbert) January 2, 2023

Silbert countered Winklevoss, claiming Genesis has responded to Gemini’s connection and DCG is not overdue with payments to Genesis.

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