Cardano Celebrates Fantastic Milestone of Unparalleled Uptime

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Tomiwabold Olajide

Cardano ranks arsenic 3rd developed concatenation successful past 30 days

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Cardano, a decentralized proof-of-stake blockchain, celebrates yet different fantastic milestone of continuous uptime, solidifying its presumption arsenic 1 of the astir unchangeable networks successful the cryptocurrency industry. 

A Twitter idiosyncratic named "Dave" draws attraction to the latest Cardano milestone successful unparalleled uptime connected societal media. Cardano has a existent uptime of precisely 2,129 days. That is 5.83 years with nary downtime, helium stated connected Twitter.

Cardano has a existent UPTIME of 2129 days exactly.
That's 5.83 YEARS with NO downtime.

Built to last, an uptime the largest work providers successful the satellite cannot & volition ne'er travel adjacent to challenging.

Research Wins. We are Cardano. Choose Cardano. 🙌👏@IOHK_Charles @Cardano

— Dave 🧑‍🚀💽 🐋 (@beaumont_dvd) July 26, 2023

Speaking connected the achievement, the Cardano enthusiast wrote, "Built to last, an uptime the largest work providers successful the satellite cannot and volition ne'er travel adjacent to challenging."

The blockchain's continuous uptime is astir apt attributable to Cardano being 1 of the astir actively developed chains successful the full industry.

On-chain analytics steadfast Santiment highlights Cardano arsenic 1 of the apical 3 developed chains successful the past 30 days.

— Santiment (@santimentfeed) July 27, 2023

In a caller tweet, Santiment lists the apical 10 crypto assets by improvement enactment with notable GitHub commits successful the past 30 days. Cardano ranks successful 3rd spot aft the Polkadot and Kusama networks, with 450.9 GitHub commits showcasing improvement enactment successful the past 30 days. 

New releases are connected horizon

The Cardano blockchain teases caller releases connected the horizon. One specified is Mithril, a stake-based signature protocol that improves the velocity and ratio of nodes' syncing times.

According to the astir caller weekly report provided by Cardano's Input Output Global (IOG), the deployment of the mainnet infrastructure for the beta motorboat of Mithril has been completed.

Cardano Web3 wallet Lace besides teases caller developments connected the horizon. The erstwhile week saw the merchandise of v.5.3.0 for Daedalus, which brings enactment for the caller Project Catalyst registration process and improves the stableness of the speech complaint conversion feature.

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