Cardano Faces Major Milestone of 700,000 Users

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Arman Shirinyan

Cardano is astir to observe different large accomplishment contempt the turmoil connected the cryptocurrency market

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According to the Cardano Insights Twitter accouny, the task is astir to observe 700,000 users connected their subreddit arsenic the fig of wallets opened connected the network exceeds 3.6 million.

The Cardano assemblage is expected to spot the 700,000th idiosyncratic joining the subreddit successful astir 2 weeks, which volition marque the Cardano web 1 of the biggest crypto communities connected the site.

In astir 2 weeks fig of reddit subscribers connected Cardano's reddit volition astir apt transcend 700.000 users.

We virtually cannot hold to observe this milestone. While we person galore funny users, they often usage aged non dApp enabled - outdated wallets.

— Cardano Blockchain Insights (@InsightsCardano) May 15, 2022

Cardano Insights besides added that astir users funny successful the blockchain are utilizing outdated wallets with nary enactment for decentralized applications, which became a large origin for the further improvement of the network.

While the rising fig of reddit users whitethorn not bespeak the affirmative sentiment of ADA traders oregon investors, it is inactive a beardown cardinal origin that speaks successful favour of the maturation and accelerated improvement of the network.

ADA marketplace performance

Despite the cardinal maturation of the project, Cardano is inactive failing to bring affirmative marketplace show to the array with the network's underlying cryptocurrency losing implicit 80% of its worth since September and yet failing to participate a betterment rally.

In the December-March period, ADA had astatine slightest 3 attempts to interruption done the monolithic downtrend by entering a short-term 20-40% rally that should person go a catalyst of a retrace but failed to bash truthful due to the fact that of the monolithic selling unit caused by the debased profitability of the asset.

According to no-longer-available information from IntoTheBlock, Cardano's profitability was adjacent to being 1 of the lowest connected the cryptocurrency market. Compared to Ethereum's 60%, ADA's profitability stayed beneath 15%, making it 1 of the worst-performing integer assets.

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