Cardano: Founder of Crypto Capital Venture Says $ADA ‘Is Undervalued and Oversold’

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On Friday (6 January 2023), Dan Gambardello, Founder of Crypto Capital Venture, arsenic good arsenic the big of the precise fashionable YouTube transmission “Crypto Capital Venture”, shared his thoughts connected $ADA.

Gambardello told his implicit 238K Twitter followers that owed to fearfulness successful the marketplace $ADA is presently undervalued and oversold:

$ADA is undervalued and oversold. Fear volition unsighted astir people, making them incapable to spot it.

Zoomed retired successful 5 years it volition marque truthful overmuch sense.

Save this tweet.

— Dan Gambardello (@cryptorecruitr) January 6, 2023

A fewer days ago, Gambardello would go 1 of the champion coins to ain this year:

#Cardano volition beryllium a apical altcoin to clasp successful 2023 and astir radical won’t recognize it until it’s 1,000%+ again.$ADA

— Dan Gambardello (@cryptorecruitr) January 1, 2023

On 13 May 2022, erstwhile $ADA was trading astir $0.5562, Gambardello talked about $ADA’s show during the existent carnivore market:

I americium 100% aware $ADA underperforms successful downtrends. People don’t recognize that this is 1 crushed I similar it truthful much. Because portion it does underperform successful downtrends, it outperforms successful uptrends. This means that we present person a mode undervalued plus with astir upside potential.

This is my instrumentality connected the market. This is my approach. This is my sentiment based connected my hazard appetite and what I presumption arsenic compelling opportunity. It’s not proposal to anyone to spell retired and buy $ADA. Please beryllium cautious retired there.

Back successful August 2022, helium said that Cardano is his favourite cryptocurrency project:

#Cardano is my favourite crypto. That’s wherefore I screen it truthful much. If that ever changes, I’ll fto ya know!

This is my crypto journey, and I’m conscionable documenting it. Don’t instrumentality my opinions oregon portfolio truthful personally.$ADA

— Dan Gambardello (@cryptorecruitr) August 17, 2022

On 5 October 2022, Gambardello, who has agelong been a immense instrumentality of Cardano and is simply a respected subordinate of the Cardano community, released a YouTube video successful which helium spoke astir his “clear vision” for Cardano and his semipermanent terms people for $ADA:

Gambardello said:

I person a wide imaginativeness for Cardano, and portion determination are nary guarantees, I 100% spot it. I intelligibly spot it. And I’m consenting to instrumentality a hazard connected it. It’s astir clip successful this video, I zoom retired connected Cardano. It’s astir clip we speech astir the vision…

I accidental it each the time: a large portion of it for maine is however Cardano is approaching that trilemma — decentralisation, security, scalability. The mode that Cardano is doing it and the instauration that’s being built is what’s allowing the accidental to beryllium truthful solid, to beryllium truthful strong…

Now, let’s commencement here. This was a tweet from yesterday, and it truly is simple, everybody. There’s a batch of radical that disagree with this, but I privation to laic it retired for you successful this video. $15 divided by 42 cents, which is what Cardano was erstwhile I tweeted, equals 35X. At the extremity of the day, nary substance however heavy I dive into the fundamentals of immoderate crypto… I’m present arsenic an investor. I’m present trying to program for the aboriginal of my family, and truthful this is arsenic elemental arsenic it gets.

Gambardello went connected to accidental that helium believes that Cardano’s marketplace cap, which was astir $14.82 cardinal astatine that time, could scope $550 cardinal (possibly arsenic aboriginal arsenic successful the adjacent bull cycle, but possibly successful respective years), which is wherever his 15X upside imaginable for $ADA comes from.

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Cardano: Founder of Crypto Capital Venture Says $ADA ‘Is Undervalued and Oversold’




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