Charles Hoskinson’s Preventative Healthcare Clinic Will Accept $ADA for Payment

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On Friday (6 January 2023), Charles Hoskinson, Co-Founder and CEO at Input Output Global (“IOG), the blockchain exertion steadfast liable for the improvement of Cardano ($ADA), shared immoderate quality astir the satellite people wellness session helium is gathering successful Gillette, Wymoming, USA.

Hoskinson Health & Wellness Clinic says its extremity is to “keep preventable diseases from occurring successful the archetypal place.”

According to a report by Wyoming Public Media, backmost successful precocious September 2022, Dennis Jack, Director of Operations for Hoskinson Health and Wellness said:

We’re going to beryllium taking attraction of the full patient, not conscionable I got a bum elbow, we’re going to find retired wherefore you had a bum elbow–did you autumn due to the fact that your humor unit has not been taken attraction of [due to] humor sweetener issues, we’re going to bash a full assemblage review, systems review, I conjecture is the close connection for it.

We’re going to truly absorption connected however we tin assistance you grow what we telephone your wellness span, and that’s the play of clip wherever you tin beryllium successful power of what’s happening with you, your lifespan. We’re trying to grow the abilities that you person arsenic you get older...

The probe that goes on with that truly ties into the expanding your wellness span. So, is that nutrition, is it workout physiology? We’re going to person some of those things involved, but it means that we’re going to find caller innovative combinations of medication, supplements, diet, exercise–all of those things to assistance a diligent grow their wellness span. If that works, past we’d similar to beryllium capable to instrumentality that and replicate our conception successful different locations.

The study went connected to accidental that the driving forces down this task are Dr. Mark Hoskinson and his 2 sons Dr. William Hoskinson and Charles Hoskinson.

Well, earlier today, the IOG CEO tweeted that his session (which was primitively scheduled to afloat unfastened successful December) volition beryllium unfastened for concern successful February:

Even much interestingly, helium confirmed that the caller session volition beryllium accepting $ADA arsenic a means of payment:

Charles Hoskinson’s Preventative Healthcare Clinic Will Accept $ADA for Payment




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