CHZ holders may swallow bitter pill after a false positive on recovery rally

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  • CHZ becomes the astir traded token among whales but this mightiness beryllium selling pressure.
  • CHZ whales are trimming their balances, curtailing the chances of a beardown rally.

Investors holding Chiliz’s autochthonal token CHZ person been expecting a beardown betterment this period aft its clang successful the past 2 months. The latest WhaleStats alert mightiness reenforce this anticipation but caller on-chain observations whitethorn crush those hopeful expectations.

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According to the WhaleStats, CHZ surpassed NMR to go the astir traded token among the apical 500 ETH whales. At archetypal glance, this mightiness beryllium considered a steadfast motion of bullish activity. However, a deeper appraisal of the token reveals that the other mightiness beryllium existent and CHZ mightiness beryllium headed for different crash.

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— WhaleStats (tracking crypto whales) (@WhaleStats) January 8, 2023

The study that it is the astir traded token among ETH whales whitethorn suggest that the whales are present dumping CHZ. So acold aggregate indicators uncover that CHZ whales person been selling.

For example, the proviso held by the apical addresses declined importantly since the extremity of December. This is astir the aforesaid clip that CHZ had been rallying, indicating that whales whitethorn person been cashing retired arsenic exit liquidity was gathering up.

CHZ progressive  addresses and proviso   held by apical  addresses

Source: Santiment

The proviso held by apical addresses continued dropping contempt a surge successful progressive addresses successful the archetypal week of January. This surge was apt owed to investors anticipating a January rally.

A further look astatine whale addresses done proviso organisation confirms that apical addresses person been selling. For example, addresses holding implicit 10 cardinal coins trimmed their balances since 4 January.

CHZ proviso   distribution

Source: Santiment

We did besides witnesser immoderate accumulation from different whale categories successful the archetypal week of January. However, astir of the apical whale categories person present started contributing to the buying unit and selling unit is besides gathering up.

CHZ’s shortlived rally

CHZ’s terms volatility is presently adjacent its little 4-week range, confirming that request enactment has reduced drastically. Social dominance has besides dropped to monthly lows.

CHZ volatility and societal  dominance

Source: Santiment

How many CHZs tin you get for $1?

All the supra metrics bash not enactment the expectations of a beardown rally. This is reflected successful CHZ’s latest performance. It fell by astir 8% successful the past 4 days, confirming an summation successful merchantability pressure. The enactment demonstrated by ETH whales whitethorn frankincense beryllium selling enactment which whitethorn bespeak that they person been taking profits.

CHZ terms  action

Source: Tradingview

CHZ antecedently rallied by astir 20% successful the archetypal 5 days of the year. This rally whitethorn person provided a mendacious anticipation that CHZ was astir to acquisition a beardown bullish recovery. Well, it does not needfully mean that the bulls are done for the remainder of the month.

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