Community celebrates Bitcoin Genesis Day by sending BTC to the Genesis block

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The wallet code present contains astir 68.56 BTC, which is worthy astir $1.1 cardinal astatine the clip of writing.

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Community celebrates Bitcoin Genesis Day by sending BTC to the Genesis block

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As Bitcoin (BTC) had its 14th birthday, Bitcoiners from astir the satellite are celebrating successful assorted ways, with immoderate opting to nonstop BTC to the code containing the rewards for mining the Genesis block.

On January 3, 2009, the pseudonymous Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto mined the Genesis block, which led to the minting of the archetypal 50 BTC. This lawsuit paved the mode for an full manufacture to beryllium developed, with millions of radical moving toward a akin imaginativeness for the aboriginal of money. This is wherefore connected this day, galore showed their respect by posting assorted greetings to the cryptocurrency that started it all.

— El Bitcoin ambassador (@elbitcoinamb) January 3, 2023

While galore celebrated the time by posting greetings, immoderate tipped their hats to the Bitcoin creator by sending tiny amounts of BTC to Satoshi’s wallet address. On Jan. 3, determination are respective tiny transactions sending BTC to the wallet. However, since its inception, radical person randomly sent Bitcoin to the account, pushing its full equilibrium to 68.56 BTC, which is worthy $1.1 cardinal astatine the clip of writing. 

Apart from sending BTC to the Genesis artifact wallet, Bitcoiners person created assorted greetings, including a video showing the paper that contains the header stamped connected the Genesis block.

Blow retired your candle #Bitcoin Genesis block!

— TIP_NZ (@tip_nz) January 3, 2023

On Dec. 28, which is simply a week earlier the Bitcoin Genesis Day, concern quality steadfast Microstrategy added much Bitcoin to its holdings. The determination divided the crypto community, with immoderate pointing retired concerns implicit 1 entity holding a ample magnitude of BTC. 

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In different news, a taxation lawyer precocious highlighted Microstrategy's intent to reduce superior gains successful a taxation year by selling BTC astatine a loss. International taxation lawyer and CPA Selva Ozelli told Cointelegraph that, astatine the moment, determination is nary crypto-specific lavation merchantability regularisation that prohibits selling astatine a nonaccomplishment and reacquiring wrong 30 days.

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