Could $XRP Become a Reserve Asset? Revisiting ‘The Chad Steingraber Theory’

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In a Twitter thread dated 18 August 2022, Chad Steingraber, a known fig successful the XRP community, presented an intriguing thought experimentation astir the aboriginal of XRP. His mentation explores the thought of XRP becoming a reserve asset, akin to gold, for banks and organization liquidity providers. On 25 July 2023, Steingraber encouraged his followers to springiness his mentation different look, hinting astatine its imaginable relevance for the future.

Steingraber’s mentation suggests that banks similar Bank of America (BOA) could clasp XRP arsenic a reserve and usage it to turn their business. They wouldn’t nonstop their XRP anyplace but would alternatively summation their balance, akin to however banks clasp golden reserves.

He introduces the conception of Institutional Grade Liquidity Providers (IGLPs), which could clasp a equilibrium of XRP and a assortment of different integer assets. Banks would usage these IGLPs to transportation wealth to different banks. For example, BOA could nonstop its “BOAcoin” to an IGLP, which would usage XRP to transportation it into “JPMorganCoin,” which would past beryllium sent to Chase slope and amusement up arsenic dollars successful an account.

Steingraber argues that banks and IGLPs volition hoard XRP due to the fact that it volition go a concern necessity. He suggests that the planetary transportation of wealth volition beryllium connected XRP. He speculates that erstwhile banks and IGLPs person acquired the nationalist proviso of XRP, it volition beryllium gone forever.

He further suggests that banks could commencement panic buying XRP, importantly expanding its price. Once banks person acquired XRP, they won’t merchantability it backmost into the nationalist marketplace due to the fact that the profits from doing truthful would beryllium insignificant compared to the concern of planetary wealth transfers.

Steingraber suggests that the nationalist proviso of XRP connected exchanges is little than radical recognize and that a important magnitude of XRP has been lost. He speculates that the nationalist proviso could driblet dramatically arsenic banks and different entities get it.

In conclusion, “The Chad Steingraber Theory” presents a (perhaps overly optimistic) aboriginal wherever XRP is simply a reserve plus for banks and IGLPs. However, it’s important to enactment that this script is speculative and not a guaranteed oregon predicted outcome.

Chad Steingraber's Theory: XRP arsenic a Reserve Asset?




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