"Crypto King” Barry Silbert Hits Back at Cameron Winklevoss

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Alex Dovbnya

Silbert's effect follows up connected an unfastened missive written by Winklesvoss successful which helium accuses DCG of engaging successful “bad religion stall tactics” with respect to the $900 cardinal owed to Earn users

Barry Silbert, the founder and CEO of Digital Currency Group, responded to an unfastened missive by Cameron Winklevoss connected Wednesday addressing DCG’s expected $1.675 cardinal debt. 

Silbert’s tweet focused connected denying immoderate missed payments, assuring that DCG had ne'er missed an involvement outgo and was existent connected each loans outstanding, with the adjacent outgo owed successful May 2023. 

He besides mentioned his company’s efforts to suggest a solution for Gemini Earn users by Dec. 29, which are yet to beryllium acknowledged.  

Silbert's tweet came successful effect to the missive published by Winklevoss, which sheds airy connected the increasing concerns of 340,000 Earn users who lent a full of $900 cardinal retired to DCG.

Many of these radical person invested their beingness savings and children's assemblage funds, the missive says. 

After Genesis, a subsidiary of DCG, suspended its withdrawal successful November, it became wide that Silbert’s alleged “bad religion stall tactics” were taking a superior toll connected those affected, according to the letter, Winklevoss stressed. Despite being fixed aggregate proposals, Silbert has truthful acold refused to enactment with Earn users to find an acceptable solution.   

Winklevoss views Silbert’s behaviour arsenic unacceptable and unconscionable successful airy of however overmuch radical person entrusted him with. The Gemini co-founder challenges him to instrumentality work for his ain actions and requests him to publically perpetrate to resolving this contented by Jan. 8.

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