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Web3 is simply a volatile abstraction with extended imaginable wherein a batch of businesses instrumentality its usage cases successful assorted ways portion trying to support up with technological progress. As the crypto abstraction is gearing up for wide adoption, a batch of caller users articulation the space. These users request to beryllium educated and made alert of the assorted crypto-taxing laws acceptable successful spot astir the world. This stands existent careless of whether the trader made profits oregon losses connected their trades, the taxation agencies request a grounds of the trades, and this is wherever Cryptiony comes to the rescue of its users. 

Recently, the level launched successful the UK and aims to pat into the 4.2 cardinal crypto userbase thereby offering precise calculations and nary information spread on with charismatic prices. Fast synchronizations with crypto exchanges and blockchains on with experts acceptable for enactment besides adhd to the entreaty of the platform. 

What is Cryptiony?

The Cryptiony level works arsenic a crypto taxation automation web app that has been designed for taxation professionals and individuals making the process of crypto taxing casual and quick. The level was founded successful 2021 and works with the ngo of making cryptocurrency taxation calculations easy, accelerated and inexpensive for everyone alike beryllium it nonrecreational traders, beginners, oregon accountants done the usage of automation and encryption processes that marque crypto compliance stressless. 

As determination is nary acceptable modular oregon protocol for Web3 speech data, the level works connected integrating with each speech and blockchain individually. Additionally, arsenic the abstraction is caller and each countries are moving connected their ain laws and regulations pertaining to crypto, Cryptiony besides faces the situation of considering them and adapting their solution to them. 

For users who usage aggregate platforms and blockchains, it tin beryllium hard to way each their assets and the past of their transactions. Adding to that the analyzable superior gains rules and crypto taxation for each of them, users tin get overwhelmed and it tin look intolerable to support up with everything without an automated tool. 

Ease of usage and affordable pricing 

Users tin avail the benefits of Cryptiony successful a fewer elemental steps. They conscionable request to make an relationship with their email code and past they tin import and reappraisal their transactions, that’s it! They tin past make their taxation study and download it instantly.

One of the astir chiseled features that the level offers is unbeatable pricing with up to 500 transactions successful the UK for free. Cryptiony’s pricing exemplary is based connected yearly subscription fees wherever each program depends upon the fig of crypto transactions performed by the user. 


The Cryptiony level was recognized arsenic the ‘Startup of the twelvemonth 2021’ during Invest Cuffs 2022, 1 of Europe’s largest commercialized fairs that brings unneurotic concern marketplace industries similar stocks, currencies, existent estate, cryptocurrencies, and crowdfunding. It was besides a portion of the Top 3 winners during the Fintech Summit successful Poland and the victor of the Audience Award. During the Meetup, Cryptiony won the Blockchain Innovations Chains transportation competition. 

The level is headed by Bartosz Milczarek and Krzysztof Dworakowski is the CTO, portion Hanna Milczarek is its CMO. Bartosz and Krzysztof are crypto enthusiasts with much than 10 years of acquisition successful banking, forex brokers, and the blockchain industry. Hanna Milczarek connected the different manus comes from a firm inheritance relating to concern and accounting successful the IT sector. As mentioned earlier, the Cryptiony level looks to assistance users by providing them with taxation reports and different analyzable calculations that tin beryllium time-consuming and cumbersome to woody with. 

The platform’s motorboat successful the UK is cardinal successful supporting the users determination successful calculating the profit/loss that needs to beryllium done for each idiosyncratic disposal including activities similar crypto-to-crypto trades and purchases, not conscionable cashing retired crypto for fiat. 

For much accusation connected Cryptiony, delight cheque retired their authoritative website.

Disclaimer: This is simply a paid station and should not beryllium treated arsenic news/advice. 

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