Cryptosat launches second 'cryptographically-equipped' satellite using SpaceX rocket

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The summation to the outer constellation was portion of efforts to marque abstraction a “new battleground successful the quest for bulletproof cryptography” by expanding computational power.

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Cryptosat launches 2nd  'cryptographically-equipped' outer  utilizing SpaceX rocket

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The institution down a crypto-satellite module launched successful May has announced an further portion of its blockchain-related infrastructure went into Earth orbit.

According to a Jan. 3 announcement, 1 of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 motorboat vehicles carried a “cryptographically-equipped” Cryptosat outer — called Crypto2 — into orbit connected Jan. 3. The summation of Crypto2 to the firm’s outer constellation was portion of efforts to marque abstraction a “new battleground successful the quest for bulletproof cryptography” by expanding its computational power.

“The motorboat of Crypto2 gives america much availability and much almighty spec to enactment the increasing portfolio of usage cases successful our improvement pipeline,” said Cryptosat co-founder Yonatan Winetraub.

Speaking to Cointelegraph, Winetraub said immoderate of the usage cases the steadfast was exploring with these satellites included information encrypted to a nationalist cardinal and retrieving a signed timestamp for applications similar astute contracts. In addition, the outer was susceptible of generating a cryptographic key-pair and releasing a backstage cardinal aft a fixed magnitude of clip successful an effort to forestall “premature decryption”.

SpaceX launched the module arsenic portion of its Transporter 6 mission, which lifted disconnected from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station astatine 14:56 UTC connected Jan. 3. In summation to the Cryptosat payload, the Falcon 9 rocket carried 114 satellites into orbit for assorted operators worldwide.

SpaceX Transporter-6 Mission motorboat connected Jan. 3. Source: YouTube

Cointelegraph reported successful May that the Crypto1 — the archetypal outer Cryptosat launched — aimed to facilitate blockchain applications by providing a physically unreachable and tamper-proof platform. The exertion down the outer had been antecedently trialed connected the International Space Station, oregon ISS.

“There’s a batch of request for this,” said Cryptosat co-founder Yan Michalevsky successful May. “If we’re looking into protocols, particularly successful Web3, determination are full fiscal systems and astute declaration systems, benignant of integer ineligible agreements that beryllium connected the trustworthiness of the cryptography down it.”

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Other backstage crypto firms including SpaceChain and Blockstream person turned to abstraction arsenic an alternate solution for blockchain validation, multisignature wallets and verifiable time-delay functions. In 2019, SpaceChain sent tech to the ISS aimed astatine demonstrating the receipt, authorization and retransmission of blockchain-based transactions. Similarly, a crypto idiosyncratic successful Brazil used Blockstream’s outer network to found a Bitcoin (BTC) node successful lEarth orbit.

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