DeFi auditor nets $40,000 for identifying Uniswap vulnerability

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A information steadfast flagged a now-fixed vulnerability to Uniswap, highlighting the imaginable for reentrancy attacks connected the protocol’s Universal Router astute contract.

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DeFi auditor nets $40,000 for identifying Uniswap vulnerability

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Uniswap’s precocious launched bug bounty programme has led to the find of a now-fixed vulnerability of the protocol’s Universal Router astute contract.

The automated marketplace shaper released two caller astute contracts to its level successful November 2022. Permit2 allows token approvals to beryllium shared and managed crossed antithetic applications, portion Universal Router unifies ERC-20 and nonfungible tokens (NFTs) swapping into a azygous swap router.

Uniswap besides advertised a lucrative bug bounty programme to place imaginable vulnerabilities successful its astute contracts towards the extremity of 2022 arsenic it looked to guarantee the information and efficacy of its protocol.

Smart declaration information and auditing steadfast Dedaub announced that it had received a bug bounty aft flagging a vulnerability successful the Universal Router astute declaration that would person allowed reentrancy to drain idiosyncratic funds mid-transaction.

The Dedaub squad has disclosed a Critical vulnerability to the Uniswap team!

Funds are harmless - Uniswap addressed the contented and redeployed the Universal Router astute contracts connected each its chains

The vulnerability allows re-entertrancy to drain the user's funds, mid-tx.

— Dedaub (@dedaub) January 2, 2023

According to Dedaub’s breakdown, the Universal Router allows users to execute divers actions including swapping aggregate tokens and NFTs successful 1 transaction.

The router embeds a scripting connection for a wide assortment of token actions, which could see transfers to 3rd enactment recipients. If correctly implemented, transfers would spell to the recipient wrong specified parameters.

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However, Dedaub identified a vulnerability successful which a third-party codification was invoked during the transfer, allowing the codification to re-enter the Universal Router and assertion immoderate tokens that were temporarily successful the contract.

Dedaub past suggested a straight-forward remedy, advising the Uniswap squad to adhd a reentrancy fastener to the halfway execution of the caller router. Uniswap awarded the auditing steadfast a full of $40,000 for flagging the vulnerability. The magnitude included a 33% bonus for reporting the contented during Uniswap’s bonus play successful November 2022.

Uniswap classified the contented arsenic mean severity, portion further appraisal deemed the vulnerability to person precocious interaction and debased likelihood. According to Dedaub, the anticipation of a idiosyncratic sending NFTs to an untrusted recipient straight was considered idiosyncratic error.

More analyzable and little apt scenarios were considered valid for reentrancy, which resulted successful Uniswap deeming the vector to person a debased likelihood. Cointelegraph has reached retired to Uniswap to ascertain further details of its ongoing bounty program, amounts paid retired and the fig of bugs identified to date.

Bug bounties person go commonplace successful the cryptocurrency and blockchain abstraction arsenic platforms and companies look to guarantee the information of their software, systems and infrastructure. 

Cryptocurrency speech Coinbase recently clarified the presumption of its bug bounty, portion blockchain information steadfast Immunefi has facilitated implicit $65 million worthy of bug bounties betwixt ethical hackers and Web3 firms successful 2022.

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