Digital marketing will become Web3's next major use case, says report

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The Web3 ecosystem could go the adjacent aureate accidental for integer marketers, with astir 200 companies already “thinking deeply” astir however to utilize the Web3 tech stack.

On July 25, Web3 selling analytics steadfast Safary released a broad report titled The Web3 Growth Landscape 2023.

It noted that the 2010s were the “golden property of integer marketing” with Web2 maturation seeing 150 selling companies successful 2011 summation to 11,000 successful 2023.

However, implicit the past 3 years, the integer selling scenery has to a much privacy-centric environment. Therefore, marketers whitethorn besides request to alteration tack and clasp the Web3 tech stack, it said.

Their findings uncover that determination are presently astir 200 companies already “thinking deeply” astir the caller integer media landscape, and 71 of them person collectively raised $600 cardinal successful funding.

Market representation showing 180+ teams gathering Web3 maturation tools and experiences: Source: Safary

Messaging, Questing, and Loyalty platforms are the astir well-funded categories, it reported, with each attracting much than $100 cardinal successful funding.

Quest platforms similar Yield Guide Games create engagement marketplaces, directing users to implicit inducement offers. This facilitates a much nonstop brand-user narration than ads.

Additionally, loyalty companies assistance brands summation lawsuit worth and retention done rewards programs powered by NFTs and tokens.

There are besides analytics tools for marketers similar Nansen and Dune that aggregate on-chain, platform, and societal information to uncover maturation insights connected Web3 communities.

Discovery platforms specified arsenic DappRadar “have the imaginable to beryllium immoderate of the biggest advertisement existent property proprietaries successful Web3,” it added, provided they put successful semipermanent strategies similar SEO. It besides cited CoinMarketCap arsenic an illustration of 1 of “the highest trafficked websites connected the internet.”

There are besides 18 Web3 maturation agencies that counsel and deploy maturation strategies connected behalf of blockchain projects.

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Marketing manufacture analytics outlet Chiefmartec has logged 11,038 selling solutions and services this twelvemonth overall, an 11% summation from the 9,932 it charted successful 2022.

As Web3 evolves and grows, marketers volition request to support up and it appears that hundreds of startups person already got a caput start.

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