Does Uniswap’s latest addition give it the upper hand over its peers?

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  • Uniswap’s caller summation to its upcoming v4 received backing from a firm.
  • Protocol enactment continued to diminution arsenic TVL and fees commencement to deplete.

Uniswap[UNI] has agelong been a ascendant DEX successful the DeFi sector. To support its dominance, the protocol has actively pursued aboriginal developments and secured fiscal backing for these initiatives.

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A paradigm shift

Paradigm, a exertion concern firm, stated that it volition beryllium investing successful Hooks connected apical of Uniswap v4. For context, hooks are contracts that execute astatine antithetic stages of a excavation action’s lifecycle successful Uniswap v4.

Uniswap liquidity pools spell done assorted stages during their lifecycle, involving actions specified arsenic excavation instauration with a default interest tier, liquidity adjustments, and token swapping. In Uniswap v3, these events are tightly linked and travel a strict sequence.

To alteration much flexibility successful Uniswap v4 and let customizable liquidity, hooks were introduced. These hooks service arsenic plugins, empowering excavation deployers to incorporated designated actions astatine cardinal points successful the pool’s lifecycle. They tin beryllium utilized earlier oregon aft a swap, oregon earlier oregon aft an LP presumption is modified.

1/ One of our favourite things to bash astatine EthCC was talking to devs excited astir v4 hooks!

Here’s a 🧵 of immoderate of the chill ones we’ve seen since announcing v4 😎

— Uniswap Labs 🦄 (@Uniswap) July 26, 2023

These hooks volition bring caller functionalities to the protocol. For example, Uniswap is readying to present a time-weighted mean marketplace shaper (TWAMM), which volition assistance dispersed retired ample orders implicit time. Additionally, they are exploring the thought of implementing dynamic fees based connected factors similar marketplace volatility. Onchain bounds orders, different upcoming feature, volition let users to spot orders straight connected the blockchain.

Furthermore, they are considering allowing liquidity to beryllium deposited extracurricular the accustomed terms scope into lending protocols. These hooks volition springiness developers much customization options and flexibility, enabling them to make unsocial AMM pools that integrate seamlessly with Uniswap’s astute contracts.

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Uniswap faces trouble

Despite these updates, the enactment connected the Uniswap protocol had started to decline. This was indicated by the falling TVL of Uniswap, which decreased by 6.4% implicit the past month. Subsequently, the fees collected connected the protocol besides took a hit. Since the past 30 days, the fees collected connected Uniswap declined by 9.4% according to Token Terminal’s data.

Source: token terminal

In opposition to the authorities of the protocol, the UNI token observed important growth. Santiment’s information indicated that UNI’s terms surged implicit the past month. In tandem with its price, the fig of UNI token holders besides grew.

Source: Santiment

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