DOGE Founder Discusses Potential $5 Million Opportunity

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DOGE Founder Discusses Potential $5 Million Opportunity

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Billy Markus, known connected the X app arsenic Shibetoshi Nakamoto, who made the iconic meme cryptocurrency DOGE successful practice with IT technologist Jackson Palmer successful 2013, has taken to his X grip to erstwhile again to pass with his multi-million X audience.

This time, Markus pondered a hypothetical accidental to marque $5 cardinal wrong 1 year. He suggested this thought to the crypto community, picking their minds connected this imaginable profit. In his tweet, helium asked: “Would you alert connected 8 hours of boeing flights a time for a twelvemonth successful speech for 5 cardinal dollars?”

would you alert connected 8 hours of boeing flights a time for a twelvemonth successful speech for 5 cardinal dollars?

— Shibetoshi Nakamoto (@BillyM2k) July 8, 2024

The treatment mostly seemed to beryllium astir the prime of flights connected Boeing planes and anxiousness attacks during flights. Shibetoshi Nakamoto ne'er revealed if helium would hold to bash that successful speech for $5 million.

i wonderment if one flew that overmuch if i’d really beryllium capable to slumber connected an airplane oregon if one would beryllium anxiousness ridden the full clip

i fig by week 2 it would go routine

— Shibetoshi Nakamoto (@BillyM2k) July 8, 2024

Dogecoin creator's instrumentality connected Bitcoin plunge

On Monday, Shibetoshi Nakamoto shared his instrumentality connected the caller 13% Bitcoin terms plunge. The world’s starring cryptocurrency mislaid much than 13% betwixt July 1 and July 8, falling from the $63,750 level to the $57,260 zone.

Markus published a meme of a sinking yacht, called “No worries.” This rubric answers the meme's question, which goes: “How is your crypto?”

Since Monday, Bitcoin has demonstrated a roller coaster-shaped trajectory, archetypal rising by 6.20% and reaching $58,150. That summation was followed by a 4.8% drop, and by now, it has finished with a 3% summation again. At the clip of this writing, Bitcoin is changing hands successful the $57,250 zone.


Dogecoin Founder Issues Crucial Statement connected  Bleeding Cryptocurrency Market

Markus opposes caller antagonistic crypto study

Over the weekend, Billy Markus published a screenshot of an nonfiction by the Independent astir a precocious published survey astir cryptocurrency and its owners.

The survey claims that radical who put successful crypto assets thin to person “dark traits” successful their personalities. The survey refers to the “dark tetrad.” Shibetoshi Nakamoto tweeted that helium opposes that sentiment strongly: “I disagree and fto maine lengthily reason wherefore I americium right.”

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