Dogecoin Community Tells Elon Musk It Regrets Losing Doge as Twitter Logo to 'X'

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Yuri Molchan

DOGE service has heatedly reacted to caller tweet by Musk, wherever helium showed disconnected caller 'X' logo

The brag of the fashionable Twitter blogging app that is present being rebranded into the laconic "X"—the aboriginal "everything app"—Elon Musk, has shared a video featuring the caller "X" logo of the platform.

The crypto assemblage eagerly responded to that, sharing assorted opinions but mostly trying to connection logos that combined the erstwhile bluebird and the existent missive "X."

Among those who responded to the tweet were the assemblage XRP assemblage and the "army" of Elon Musk's favorite crypto, Dogecoin. Some of them regret losing retired connected DOGE arsenic the logo for the societal media giant.

Why did you abandoned
me ?@elonmusk @ElonMuskAOC @dogecoin @BillyM2k

— Wolfonaire.eth (@wolfonaire) July 25, 2023

In April this year, U.Today reported that Twitter concisely exchanged the bluebird logo for a representation of DOGE. This pushed the terms of the meme cryptocurrency up by 8%, giving Dogecoin holders a anticipation that Musk would yet statesman integrating the meme coin connected the level for payments.

The absorption from the assemblage was mixed backmost then; immoderate believed it was comic and matched Musk's consciousness of humor. Others were acrophobic astir whether Twitter had been hacked. During those fewer days, respective ample whales sold their Dogecoin stashes, locking successful steadfast profits from that.

Yesterday, salient capitalist and economist Raoul Pal assumed that Elon Musk is apt to rotation retired payments successful crypto connected Twitter and that helium whitethorn usage DOGE successful particular. Besides, according to an earlier U.Today report, Twitter Payments LLC has already secured licenses from respective U.S. states to behaviour and process cryptocurrency payments.

Earlier this year, Musk integrated the subscription relation connected Twitter, which allows users to enactment their favourite contented makers with a tiny monthly fee. Many connected Twitter, including Musk and Dogecoin co-founder Billy Markus, person already added this benignant of monetization.

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