dogwifhat [WIF] crosses $3.97 mark: Is $5 closer than ever?

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  • WIF’s terms accrued by 40% successful the past week.
  • It has breached supra the precocious enactment of its horizontal channel.

The terms of meme coin Dogwifhat [WIF] has breached supra the precocious enactment of the horizontal transmission which it has trended wrong since the 12th of April, signaling an uptick successful buying pressure. 

A horizontal transmission is formed erstwhile the terms of an plus consolidates wrong a scope for an extended period.

This happens erstwhile determination is simply a comparative equilibrium betwixt buying and selling pressures, preventing the terms from trending powerfully successful either direction.

The precocious enactment of this transmission forms resistance, portion the little enactment forms support. At $3.97 astatine property time, WIF closed supra the precocious enactment of the transmission connected the 27th of May.

This signaled a important displacement successful marketplace sentiment from antagonistic to affirmative arsenic buying enactment gains momentum. 

dogwifhat 3-Day Price Chart

Source: WIF/USDT connected TradingView

WIF bulls are successful charge

Confirming the displacement successful marketplace sentiment, for the archetypal clip since the 23rd of May, WIF’s Weighted Sentiment crossed supra the zero line, according to Santiment.

As of this writing, the worth of the meme coin’s Weighted Sentiment was 1.279.

dogwifhat weighted sentiment

Source: Santiment

This metric’s worth suggests that astir WIF mentions crossed societal media platforms explicit affirmative sentiment astir the asset.

Confirming the bullish trend, WIF’s Elder-Ray Index returned a affirmative worth of 0.93 astatine the clip of writing. This indicator measured the narration betwixt the spot of buyers and sellers successful the market.

When its worth is positive, carnivore powerfulness is ascendant successful the market. Likewise, the dots that marque up the meme coin’s Parabolic SAR indicator were pegged nether its price. 

This indicator identifies the meme coin’s imaginable inclination absorption and reversals. When its dotted lines are placed nether WIF’s price, it is simply a bullish signal.

It suggests that the asset’s terms is rising and is apt to proceed the uptrend. Market participants often construe it arsenic a motion to exit abbreviated and instrumentality agelong positions. 

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Further, the token’s cardinal momentum indicator was successful an uptrend astatine property time. WIF’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) was 65.46. 

dogwifhat 3-Day Price Chart

Source: WIF/USDT connected TradingView

This suggested that marketplace participants’ request for WIF outweighed its distribution. 

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