Elon Musk Mentions This Solana Meme Coin for First Time

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Elon Musk Mentions This Solana Meme Coin for First Time

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Even though helium could not pronounce it correctly the archetypal time, Elon Musk confirms helium is alert of Dogwifhat, the meme token launched connected the Solana network. Musk referred to it arsenic "Dog-WiFi-hat" during the stream, showing that adjacent the tech mogul is not immune to the quirks of the crypto meme.  

A fewer months ago, 1 of the astir fashionable memes was Dogwifhat, which is represented by the awesome WIF. Thanks to its humorous branding, its popularity skyrocketed. 

But precocious its worth and attraction had decreased, overmuch similar that of galore meme tokens. The token was concisely backmost successful the quality aft Musk's caller comment, which caused immoderate marketplace movement. However, it's was not significant, and WIF is not showing immoderate signs of investors FOMOing into it.

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It is commonly known that Musk has a important interaction connected the cryptocurrency market. Previous terms spikes for assets similar Dogecoin and Bitcoin person been triggered by his tweets and comments.  

Even erstwhile helium offers humorous twists to his endorsements, investors often respond to them swiftly. Previously, Musk has not truly mentioned immoderate smaller meme coins and has mostly stuck to meme manufacture giants similar Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.


Meme tokens tin ever instrumentality vantage of technological benefits. Even though Musk's remark was met with archetypal enthusiasm, it is important to instrumentality into relationship the volatility that often follows specified events. Meme tokens are particularly susceptible to abrupt fluctuations successful value, which are caused by speculative trading and societal media hype. 

Currently, Solana is going done a pugnacious period, and its meme coin manufacture is mostly fueled by tokens launched by celebrities similar Iggy Azalea. Unfortunately, the profitability of those tokens is acold from the levels of due integer assets similar Bitcoin oregon Ethereum.

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