Elon's 'not afraid of blowing things up' — ex-Twitter exec on working under Musk

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A erstwhile merchandise manager astatine Twitter, present X, has shed caller airy into the erstwhile interior workings of the societal media firm, on with immoderate of the peculiarities that travel with moving nether entrepreneur Elon Musk. 

In a lengthy 2,400-word tweet and accompanying video, Crawford described the pre-Musk Twitter arsenic some “amazing and terrible” being hamstrung by bureaucracy, portion the caller post-Musk Twitter has been “difficult and dramatic.”

“Twitter moved astatine the velocity of molasses and suffered from bureaucracy but present X is tally by a mercurial person whose instinct is driven by the unsocial and undoubtedly weird acquisition of being the biggest dependable connected the platform.”

Crawford was 1 of the fewer members from the archetypal Twitter squad that voluntarily stayed connected committee aft Musk took implicit — a determination she said was made successful the anticipation that the billionaire would statesman steering the institution successful the close direction.

Notably, she was fired on with 200 others successful Musk’s February circular of layoffs.

Like seemingly everyone connected this app I person plentifulness of opinions astir Twitter > X and fig present is simply a bully clip to unfastened up a spot astir my acquisition astatine the company.

I tweeted for years into the void for the emotion of it similar galore of you, but aft selling my startup to Twitter in… pic.twitter.com/bw7CHhk0Xg

— Esther Crawford ✨ (@esthercrawford) July 26, 2023

“I saw him arsenic the feline who built unthinkable and enduring companies similar Tesla and SpaceX, truthful possibly his backstage ownership could shingle things up and respire caller beingness into the company,” she wrote.

Describing Musk arsenic “bold and inspiring” she admitted helium was “oddly charming and genuinely funny,” adjacent if helium was prone to repeating the aforesaid stories and jokes implicit and over.

Despite his endearing qualities, Musk’s infamous enactment benignant became problematic alternatively quickly, with Crawford saying that helium often lacked empathy to a “painful” degree.

Crawford adds that Musk was highly unpredictable and that galore Twitter employees became frightened to contiguous him with atrocious quality oregon opinions that contradicted his own.

“Since it was hard to work what temper helium mightiness beryllium successful and what his absorption would beryllium to immoderate fixed thing, radical rapidly became acrophobic of being called into meetings oregon having to stock antagonistic quality with him.”

This inability to woody with criticism, Crawford explained, yet led to the instauration of a “fanatical and zealous” interior ellipse that offered unwavering enactment for everything Musk said.

Ultimately however, it became evident that Musk was “obviously not acrophobic of blowing things up” and often looked extracurricular of employees oregon the trusted members of his interior ellipse for proposal connected large decisions.

Should I measurement down arsenic caput of Twitter? I volition abide by the results of this poll.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 18, 2022

“Instead he'd canvass Twitter, inquire a friend, oregon adjacent inquire his biographer for merchandise advice. At times it seemed helium trusted random feedback much than the radical successful the country who spent their lives dedicated to tackling the occupation astatine hand. I ne'er figured retired wherefore and stay puzzled by it," she said.

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Cointelegraph contacted Twitter for remark but did not person an contiguous response.

Since Musk took implicit the institution successful Oct. 2022, helium has introduced a wealth of caller crypto and finance-related features to the app.

As portion of its astir caller rebranding to “X” Musk intends for the societal media level to go an “everything app” which volition see electrical payments, dependable calls and perchance immoderate form of integration with the meme token Dogecoin (DOGE).

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