Ethereum L2 Nightmare: Shocking 97% of Arbitrum Holders Suffer Losses

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 Shocking 97% of Arbitrum Holders Suffer Losses

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Arbitrum, a leading Ethereum layer-2 solution, is facing worrying challenges, arsenic 97% of its holders are presently enduring losses. According to caller information from IntoTheBlock, this inclination reveals that the bulk of Arbitrum (ARB) investors are "out of the money," indicating that their holdings are astatine a loss.


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The figures item a concerning situation, with astir 1.15 cardinal addresses collectively holding 6.67 cardinal ARB, equating to astir $4.53 cardinal astatine existent marketplace rates. 

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This positions Arbitrum arsenic the foremost cryptocurrency with a marketplace capitalization exceeding $1 billion, wherever the ratio of holders experiencing losses vastly outweighs those seeing gains.

No optimism

Arbitrum's afloat diluted marketplace capitalization stands astatine $6.75 billion, yet lone $2.18 cardinal worthy of ARB shows a profit. A important information of these losses stems from investments made successful Arbitrum tokens priced betwixt $1.31 and $1.5 per token.

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This radical comprises 172,440 addresses holding 2.98 cardinal ARB tokens, making it the largest conception of loss-making ARB holders. For instance, Arbitrum's terms is presently astir $0.67 per ARB token, with immoderate saltation depending connected the exchange.


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Despite being a leading Ethereum L2, Arbitrum's terms show has been weak, starring to a wide antagonistic fiscal interaction connected its capitalist base. The information underscores the challenging marketplace conditions for ARB holders, reflecting broader marketplace perturbations affected by fearfulness and greed.

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