Ethereum transactions 338% higher in 2022 but Bitcoin remains most popular

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Total transactions connected the Ethereum web outstripped Bitcoin much than four-fold, but Bitcoin was inactive the astir searched cryptocurrency of 2022.

Ethereum transactions 338% higher successful  2022 but Bitcoin remains astir   popular

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The Ethereum web eclipsed Bitcoin successful presumption of full transaction measurement past year, though the king of crypto has managed to clasp its crown erstwhile it comes to online hunt interest.

According to information from Nasdaq and Ycharts shared on Reddit connected Jan. 2, Ethereum had 338% much full transaction measurement successful 2022 (408.5 million) than the Bitcoin web (93.1 million).

ETH vs BTC transaction volumes - Nasdaq/Ycharts via Reddit

The values shown successful the illustration are successful millions of transactions with the mean regular transactions astatine astir 1.1 cardinal for ETH and 255,000 for BTC.

However, transaction volumes connected the Bitcoin web were steadier and much periodic than Ethereum, which experienced overmuch much volatility successful transaction volumes. This was owed to spikes successful request astatine definite times specified as NFT launches and different gas-guzzling events specified as XEN minting.

Ethereum’s heftier transaction volumes person continued into the caller year, with the Ethereum transaction number connected Jan. 2 reaching 924,614, a 300% summation compared to Bitcoin’s 229,191 connected the aforesaid day, according to Bitinfocharts.

ETH vs BTC transaction volumes — Bitinfocharts

The expert who posted the metrics said helium was “skeptical astir radical saying that a flippening could hap someday,” adding that those advocating for it person crushed to bash truthful now.

A flippening occurs erstwhile 1 concatenation surpasses a higher-ranked 1 for the aforesaid metric, successful this case, transactions and activity.

The charts besides bash not see furniture 2 transactions which would enactment Ethereum adjacent further up of Bitcoin for this metric. According to L2beat, the fig of L2 transactions per 2nd (TPS) really surpassed those connected furniture 1 Ethereum successful mid-October and has remained supra it ever since.

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However, portion Ethereum whitethorn beryllium up successful transaction and enactment terms, Bitcoin remains the astir searched cryptocurrency online. 

On Jan. 1, a newsletter from “In Bitcoin We Trust” revealed that BTC attracted the astir attraction connected the  Google hunt motor successful 2022, with 28.4 cardinal monthly Google searches crossed the world.

The study concurred with Cointelegraph which revealed that Ethereum did not marque 2nd oregon adjacent 3rd spot for hunt popularity. These spots were occupied by meme coins Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Dogecoin (DOGE) respectively.

Ethereum, successful 4th place, had 3.8 cardinal planetary monthly searches according to the data.

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