Gala (GALA) Surges 60% on Big News; Here's What to Know

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Tomiwabold Olajide

Gala (GALA) announces large quality for its movie arm

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GALA, the autochthonal token that powers Gala Games, a level for blockchain gaming, exploded astir 60% higher connected Jan. 9 arsenic altcoins saw an assertive pump. At the clip of writing, GALA was up 58.16% astatine $0.03, aft reaching highs past seen astatine the adjacent of October 2022.

Just a small spot of accusation regarding our ongoing enactment with @TheRock and @markwahlberg.$GALA is the state token successful @GoGalaFilms and @GoGalaMusic arsenic well!

— Gala Games (@GoGalaGames) January 9, 2023

Gala initiated a betterment from lows of $0.015 connected Dec. 30, from wherever its terms steadily rose. On Jan. 8, Gala printed a monolithic greenish regular candlestick arsenic it surged to intraday highs of $0.04. The emergence was sustained until Jan. 9 arsenic bulls tackled the cardinal obstruction astatine $0.04, oregon the regular MA 200. A sustained breach supra this obstruction mightiness people the $0.07 obstruction next. Otherwise, GALA mightiness consolidate arsenic bulls instrumentality a breather earlier continuing the travel upward.

Gala up connected "big news"

The authoritative Gala Games Twitter grip has shared a small spot of accusation regarding the ongoing enactment with American actors Dwayne Johnson (a.k.a. The Rock") and Mark Wahlberg. GALA would besides beryllium the state token utilized successful GoGalaFilms and GoGalaMusic.

In a screenshot of a Discord speech posted online, Gala shared its strategy for its movie arm. Gala is presently moving connected 2 films with American actors Dwayne Johnson, Chris Rock and Mark Wahlberg.

The blockchain gaming institution believes this is yet different great opportunity to onboard a immense fig of users onto its blockchain.

It posits a apt usage lawsuit of a QR codification connected movie tickets to redeem a integer point oregon a movie connected Netflix, and the QR codification shows up arsenic well. Integration with Gala games and euphony remains different precise breathtaking prospect, it says.

GALA volition besides beryllium utilized arsenic a state token successful the Gala Film, which runs connected the blockchain. The screenshot reads: "The millions of fans funny successful the Rock oregon Mark Wahlberg oregon Ghosts of Ruin oregon David Bianchi’s Rzr..all volition beryllium collecting integer items. These items volition beryllium needing state and that state is GALA."

In a related enlargement move, Jason Brink, president of blockchain astatine Gala Games, envisions a broadening of focus to see mobile gaming.

He wrote: "This does NOT mean a pivot distant from desktop gaming. All of that is inactive happening...but determination is simply a batch much happening connected the mobile beforehand arsenic good and that volition deed overmuch sooner and I couldn't beryllium much excited to spot it each unfold."

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