Hack Alert: Top NFT Community Under Attack

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Vladislav Sopov

CryptoNovo311, assemblage of NFT traders and commissioners, was attacked by hackers

One of the archetypal monolithic crypto hacks of 2023 is happening close now: attackers sold CryptoPunks NFTs by a salient collector and started impersonating his community connected Discord.

CryptoNovo311's wallet hacked, premium NFTs stolen

According to a statement shared by CryptoNovo, an NFT enthusiast and caput of the eponymous community, his NFT postulation is being attacked by hackers. At slightest 3 high-profile NFTs from the CryptoPunks postulation person been stolen.

— CryptoNovo (@CryptoNovo311) January 4, 2023

Prominent on-shain expert ZachXBT noticed that the onslaught has been executed by a radical of scammers that has targeted NFT owners successful the past. In aboriginal November 2022, wallets associated with Fixed Float speech were used for transactions with stolen funds.

The analysts recommend revoking any approvals for operations with the associated wallets. Net losses from the onslaught mightiness beryllium six-digit.

Fixed Float speech representatives already offered to help with the probe into the attack. Also, different owners of CryptoPunks NFTs mightiness beryllium successful danger, CryptoNovo stresses.

Beware: Scammers launched Discord campaign

About 1 hr ago, the unfortunate of today's onslaught shared that idiosyncratic is impersonating him successful the Discord community. Malefactors are abusing the name, logo, avatar representation and links to his address.

Similar impersonating attacks targeted different holders of CryptoPunks. As such, supporters of top-selling Larva Labs' collections should double-check their privateness settings.

As covered by U.Today previously, the bulk of hacks and Discord attacks successful the NFT conception is most likely orchestrated by a azygous hacker group.

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