Hong Kong set to issue tokenized green bonds, details inside

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  • Hong Kong is inactive committed to becoming a crypto hub, contempt the caller marketplace events.
  • The authorities volition soon contented tokenized greenish bonds to organization investors.

Hong Kong’s imaginativeness to found itself arsenic a crypto hub seems to stay undeterred contempt the prolonged crypto wintertime that has discouraged neighboring countries similar Singapore to tighten their stance connected this volatile industry.

Officials from Hong Kong person indicated that they are looking to pull enterprises and startups successful this abstraction to acceptable up shop.

Pilot projects successful the pipeline

Speaking astatine a Web3 league successful Cyberport, Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po stated the Hong Kong authorities is successful progressive discussions with respective companies. The authorities has invited them to acceptable up their planetary office successful Hong Kong, arsenic good arsenic get themselves listed there. 

He further revealed that the government, successful concern with the regulatory agencies, is presently progressive successful aggregate aviator projects to trial the method advantages of virtual assets. One of these is simply a task that volition spot tokenized greenish bonds issued by the authorities to organization investors for the subscription. 

“As definite crypto exchanges collapsed 1 aft another, Hong Kong became a prime lasting constituent for integer plus corporates,” said Secretary Chan. According to him, the city’s regulatory authorities matches planetary norms and standards portion discouraging escaped riders. 

New regulations for crypto exchanges

Also contiguous astatine the league was Chen Haolian, the Deputy Secretary for Financial Affairs and the Treasury. Haolian revealed that the Securities Regulatory Commission is presently successful the process of formulating regulations for virtual plus exchanges. Public consultations connected the regulations are expected to statesman soon. 

According to Joseph Chan, the undersecretary for fiscal services and the treasury, Hong Kong is preparing to contented much licenses for integer plus trading firms. The authorities is besides exploring retail information successful the crypto industry. 

The Hong Kong authorities concluded the legislative process of mounting up a licensing strategy for virtual plus providers past month. This caller strategy has safeguards successful spot to forestall activities related to wealth laundering, and panic financing and beforehand user protection.

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