How Bitcoin Price Could Hit $23 Million If $BTC Becomes ‘Dominant Store of Value’

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On Saturday (31 December 2022), Joe Burnett, Head Analyst astatine Blockware Solutions, explained however precocious his firm’s probe had concluded that if Bitcoin becomes the ascendant store of worth the $BTC terms could scope astir $23 million.

Burnet told his implicit 41K Twitter followers:

Blockware, which is simply a pioneer successful Bitcoin mining, has services that see “hardware procurement, mining rig colocation, and nonrecreational mining and staking excavation operations.”

In a research report titled “Purchasing Power Under a Bitcoin Standard”, Blockware Intelligence forecasted “the aboriginal purchasing powerfulness of BTC arsenic it becomes the ascendant store of worth done the demonetization of different plus classes.”

The study said:

The nominal worth of assets is determined by their inferior worth positive a monetary/savings premium. Fiat currencies person failed to store wealthiness crossed clip frankincense incentivizing humans to usage non-cash assets successful bid to sphere wealth; resulting successful immoderate percent of said asset’s nominal worth being a monetary premium. A hyperbitcoinized satellite volition effect successful BTC absorbing the monetary premium of different plus classes…

The marketplace headdress of BTC is presently ~0.05% of the full marketplace headdress of each fiscal assets. Gold, Base Money, Equities, Debt, and Real Estate correspond the different 99.95%. Should BTC cannibalize the monetary premium of these fiscal assets it would past correspond ~61.38% of the full marketplace headdress of fiscal assets…

The devaluation of fiat wealth via monetary enlargement results successful it poorly servicing the portion of relationship monetary relation arsenic $1 yields a diminishing quantity of existent goods implicit time. Our forecasts are quantified utilizing 2021 US Dollars arsenic the portion of account. However, should the hyperbitcoinization thesis play out, enlargement of the fiat monetary basal volition beryllium a driving factor. As such, the nominal maturation of BTC’s marketplace cap, arsenic good arsenic the nominal demonetization of the marketplace caps of different plus classes, volition apt beryllium overmuch higher than the existent values projected successful our forecast...

After completing the demonetization of different plus classes, the purchasing powerfulness of Bitcoin volition comprise of astir 61.4% of the full planetary marketplace headdress of fiscal assets. 1 BTC volition person a purchasing powerfulness equivalent to ~$22,814,092, 2021 US Dollars. The past constituent to enactment is that the purchasing powerfulness of BTC volition summation successful perpetuity corresponding to productivity increases. As discussed successful the equity and existent property sections, technological advancements summation economical productivity implicit time…

As such, the existent outgo of goods and services, which, connected a Bitcoin standard, volition beryllium measured successful BTC, volition alteration each year. Holders of BTC volition accrue purchasing powerfulness without having to put successful risk-on assets. This appreciation successful purchasing powerfulness volition correspond the caller “risk-free rate” that is the accidental outgo and people instrumentality of each investments. Under the fiat modular the “risk-free rate” has been that of authorities treasuries. Assuming an mean yearly planetary GDP maturation complaint of 2%, the purchasing powerfulness of BTC volition treble each 36 years.

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How Bitcoin Price Could Hit $23 Million If $BTC Becomes ‘Dominant Store of Value’




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