'Huge' AI Prediction Issued by Billionaire DOGE Fan Mark Cuban

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'Huge' AI Prediction Issued by Billionaire DOGE Fan Mark Cuban

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Prominent investor, billionaire and large instrumentality of Dogecoin Mark Cuban has made a large connection connected the X societal media level – the connection was related to the interaction that helium expects artificial quality to person connected the aboriginal of quality nine and the planetary economy.

Cuban's "huge" AI prediction

Cuban has been spending a batch of clip connected X implicit the past mates of years, engaged successful discussions connected assorted issues related to business, technology, authorities and different blistery subjects.

Earlier today, erstwhile asked astir the future interaction of AI and automation connected the occupation market, Cuban responded that helium believes the aforementioned factors volition make a “HUGE” nett summation successful the fig of jobs emerging acknowledgment to AI integration. Still, helium admitted that immoderate exertion integration brings not lone benefits but besides losses; Cuban stated that arsenic is the lawsuit with immoderate caller tech, definite types of jobs volition beryllium mislaid forever.

I deliberation determination volition beryllium a HUGE nett summation successful the fig of jobs arsenic a effect of AI. But arsenic with each caller technologies, determination volition beryllium jobs that volition beryllium mislaid https://t.co/7XLMKlYipo

— Mark Cuban (@mcuban) February 26, 2024

Elon Musk's AI prediction

Recently, tech mogul Elon Musk shared his views connected the aboriginal of the satellite successful which AI volition beryllium operating freely and openly. Musk stated that helium expects AI to go amended astatine everything regular humans are bully at, and successful particular, to constitute novels arsenic bully arsenic J.K. Rowling, observe caller physics concepts and the like. All these breakthroughs are little than 3 years distant from now, Musk believes.

Musk is himself laminitis of AI-focused start-up xAI (meant arsenic a rival to OpenAI and its “woke” ChatGPT), which released AI chatbot Grok not truthful agelong ago. It has already been integrated connected the X level owned by Musk. Unlike ChatGPT, Grok is escaped to sermon virtually immoderate topic, including those that are considered undesirable by the ChatGPT creators – sex, politics, religion, intersexual identity, etc. Aside from ChatGPT, Grok is said to person a consciousness of humor. However, this chatbot is disposable lone to X Premium users truthful far.

Musk precocious besides said that helium is successful negotiations with image-generating AI app Midjourney and hinted that they whitethorn cooperate successful the future. Even if that does not happen, helium said, representation generating volition inactive beryllium integrated connected X. According to Musk, the Grok 1.5 iteration that is coming wrong weeks volition assistance users make substance content.

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