Immutable (IMX) Sees Its Turnover Rocketing by 10x With This Polygon (MATIC) Partnership

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Vladislav Sopov

Here's however Polygon zkEVM Supernet integration allowed Immutable (IMX) to participate parabolic maturation phase

Immutable, an infrastrucure supplier and level for gathering cryptocurrency games connected Ethereum's L2s, shares the estimations of the effects of the trading measurement rally. It started from the merchandise of zkEVM-powered Supernet successful March 2023.

Immutable (IMX) full trading measurement surges from $250 cardinal to $2.5 cardinal successful 4 months, here's why

Since introducing Immutable zkEVM, a Polygon-based Supernet, the aggregated operations measurement of gaming products of Immutable spiked by 10x. As per the estimations of the protocol's team, successful caller weeks, it reached $2.5 cardinal for the fist clip successful its history.

Immutable is officially entering a play of exponential growth.

Since introducing Immutable zkEVM arsenic the caller location for gaming successful March, the pipeline of games has 10x’d to much than $2.5B successful estimated aboriginal volume, and this is conscionable the beginning.

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— Immutable (@Immutable) July 26, 2023

As such, a 900% rally for this metric took lone 4 months. The mentioned announcement allowed Immutable to power a important stock of the thriving Web3 gaming segment:

At $2.5B, if our estimation turns retired to beryllium accurate, this volition beryllium a important information of the web3 gaming marketplace arsenic a whole. Immutable has ever believed that gaming volition beryllium however the mainstream breaks into web3.

At the aforesaid time, the Immutable squad stressed that the full size of the gaming selling conception by 2025 mightiness scope $300 billion. Having said that, the merchandise is inactive successful its infancy erstwhile it comes to marketplace adoption.

As covered by U.Today previously, successful March 2023, the 2 partners introduced Immutable zkEVM, a precocious show EVM-compatible ZK-rollup fueled by Polygon (MATIC) tech and integrated seamlessly with the Immutable (IMX) platform.

After this announcement, the IMX terms astir doubled successful six days contempt an assertive bearish market.

Polygon zkEVM: What does it mean for Web3?

Polygon (MATIC) co-creator Sandeep Nailwal is impressed by the advancement accomplished by Immutable and shows overmuch optimism astir the prospects of the Polygon-Immutable collaboration:

IMX entered exponential maturation trajectory since they added Polygon zkEVM Supernet successful their arsenal of astonishing products. Gaming volition person its primetime successful the manufacture sooner oregon later! Excited for Polygon+IMX ecosystem erstwhile it happens.

Polygon zkEVM is the archetypal viable realization of zkEVM, an EVM-equivalent rollup designed to standard Ethereum (ETH) successful privacy-focused way. It advances the level of privateness of Ethereum (ETH) transactions and makes it much outgo efficient.

Nailwal is definite that Polygon zkEVM tin verify a transaction for just $0.000058. At the aforesaid time, the Polygon zkEVM solution lone spends 2.5 minutes to validate a batch of 250-500 transactions of Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens.

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