Independent Cardano Development Team Announces Massive Plans for 2023

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Gamza Khanzadaev

Team down Cardano's Milkomeda and Flint wallet shares ambitious plans for caller year

Sebastien Guillemot, co-founder and CTO of the crypto ecosystem improvement team dcSpark, has summarized 2022 and provided plans for 2023. Given that 1 of the team's "passions" is Cardano, wherever it has had clip to enactment connected the Flint wallet and the Milkomeda protocol, plans for this blockchain were besides revealed by the developer.

Goals for 2023:
- zk-rollup L2 launch
- gamefi L2 motorboat @PaimaStudios
- EVM L2 @Milkomeda_com decentralization
- First insubstantial connected our L2 R&D

It's each going to travel precise fast

— Sebastien Guillemot (@SebastienGllmt) December 30, 2022

According to Guillemot, dcSpark's goals for the caller twelvemonth are to motorboat a zero-knowledge Layer 2 rollup, which continues the inclination of caller months connected zk protocols. However, the developer does not specify whether to expect the innovation connected Cardano, truthful possibly it volition beryllium a caller autarkic project.

Other goals of the improvement squad are to motorboat a GameFi task that operates connected the Milkomeda network. In addition, the developer has noted the extremity of achieving decentralization of the Milkomeda protocol, which operates done the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

What has already been achieved?

Among the achievements of the past twelvemonth noted by Sebastien Guillemot is the afloat motorboat of the archetypal variation of the Flint wallet, which already has Cardano and volition beryllium completed by EVM-based blockchains. He past highlights six suggestions enactment guardant to amended Cardano, 2 of which related straight to the Vasil hard fork. DcSpark besides created and enactment into cognition 5 astute contracts connected the Plutus platform, the fig of which surpassed the 4,500 people astatine the extremity of past year.

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