Investment Strategist Lyn Alden Calls Bitcoin ‘Fastest Horse’ in Crypto Race

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Highly respected equity probe expert and concern strategist Lyn Alden says that Bitcoin volition proceed to beryllium the ascendant currency successful the integer plus marketplace and outpace its competition. 

Speaking successful a caller interrogation with the “What Bitcoin Did” podcast, Alden argued that Bitcoin’s top contention successful the crypto contention would travel from cardinal slope integer currencies (CBDCs). 

Alden, who provides equity probe and concern strategies for clients, called the digitization of wealth “inevitable,” and said the superior question facing the marketplace would beryllium which plus becomes dominant. Alden noted that Bitcoin was the astir apt campaigner to flooded its shortcomings and beryllium palmy successful the agelong term, including resisting the power of authorities control. 

As reported by The Daily Hodl, Alden said, 

It checks disconnected a fig of boxes, and adjacent the boxes it doesn’t cheque disconnected are wrong show of being capable to beryllium checked disconnected arsenic exertion improves and arsenic it conscionable gets much wide held, and it becomes better. So I deliberation longer term, I deliberation Bitcoin… You tin telephone it the fastest equine successful the race. 

Despite calling Bitcoin the astir ascendant cryptoasset, Alden cautioned investors against allocating 100% of their portfolio to Bitcoin. However, she said it was “something silly” to not person Bitcoin astatine this constituent successful time. 

Alden besides highlighted Bitcoin’s morganatic usage cases arsenic an advantages implicit equities.

She continued, 

I deliberation successful summation to being an investment, successful summation to being savings, [Bitcoin’s] besides insurance. It gives you that optionality successful a mode that different assets don’t. 

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The views and opinions expressed by the author, oregon immoderate radical mentioned successful this article, are for informational purposes only, and they bash not represent financial, investment, oregon different advice. Investing successful oregon trading cryptoassets comes with a hazard of fiscal loss.

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Investment Strategist Lyn Alden Calls Bitcoin ‘Fastest Horse’ successful Crypto Race



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