Legendary Bitcoin Trader Peter Brandt Unveils His Trading Secrets

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Legendary Bitcoin Trader Peter Brandt Unveils His Trading Secrets

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Popular trader Peter Brandt, who has been successful the concern since 1975, precocious shared immoderate of his trading secrets that situation accepted methods. In a caller X post, Brandt published a database of strategies that helium does not usage successful his futures and forex trading.

Thus, the trader emphasized that helium avoids trendlines, astir indicators, time trading and taking losses. He besides ignores triumph rates, what his trading peers are doing and the fundamentals of the market.

In addition, Brandt shared that helium limits his hazard to nary much than 70 ground points per commercialized and does not interest astir getting stopped retired oregon getting stuck connected a peculiar marketplace oregon plus class.

Probably antithetic for all, but for me:
-Indicators of derivatives of price. Why survey a derivative erstwhile I tin survey terms itself
-Trendlines are diagonal and I similar BOs of horizontal boundaries

— Peter Brandt (@PeterLBrandt) July 9, 2024

This unconventional attack to trading, which focuses much connected disciplined hazard absorption and intelligence resilience, has earned Brandt legendary presumption successful the trading world.

Double apical oregon not?

In this context, Brandt's caller investigation of Bitcoin becomes adjacent much interesting. On the erstwhile day, helium suggested that cryptocurrency whitethorn person completed a treble apical pattern, indicating a imaginable minimum people of $44,000. A treble apical signifier is simply a bearish method reversal signifier that often signals a displacement from a bullish to a bearish trend.

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However, the trader noted that for a existent treble apical formation, the extent of the "top" successful Bitcoin would request to beryllium astir 20% of the price, portion the existent extent is lone astir fractional of the required amount. This suggests that portion determination is imaginable for a bearish reversal, the signifier is not yet afloat confirmed.

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