Less than 100 Bitcoin ATMs added worldwide in the second half of 2022: Data

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Over the past six months, betwixt July to the extremity of 2022, conscionable 94 Bitcoin ATMs were added to the planetary network.

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While Bitcoin (BTC) ATMs were an afterthought to Satoshi Nakamoto’s imaginativeness of dependable money, they are present considered 1 of the main pillars of Bitcoin’s mainstream adoption. However, the planetary Bitcoin ATM network, which utilized to adhd thousands of machines each period successful 2021, recorded a nett summation of conscionable 94 Bitcoin ATMs implicit the past six months since July 2022.

A year-long carnivore marketplace successful 2022 — accompanied by geopolitical tensions and planetary ostentation — hindered assorted initiatives aiding the growth of the full crypto ecosystem. As a result, efforts to instal caller Bitcoin ATMs dipped successful galore countries that erstwhile spearheaded the initiative.

Chart showing the fig of bitcoin machines installed implicit time. Source: CoinATMRadar

Over the past six months, betwixt July to the extremity of 2022, conscionable 94 Bitcoin ATMs were added to the planetary network. In contrast, a humble 4,169 ATMs were added during the year’s archetypal six months, confirms information from CoinATMRadar.

Despite the planetary slowdown, countries specified arsenic Spain and Australia person taken the pb successful crypto ATM installations. The United States and Canada clasp the apical 2 positions for hosting the highest fig of ATMs. El Salvador, the state that erstwhile held the 3rd position, has present moved down to the 5th presumption aft Spain and Australia, respectively.

Number of cryptocurrency machines installed implicit clip per each apical shaper implicit time. Source: CoinATMRadar

During this timeframe, Bitcoin ATM shaper BitAccess saw a comparative driblet successful its ATM installation portion others reported a comparatively dependable increase.

As crypto investors shingle disconnected the antagonistic sentiments from the past twelvemonth and dive backmost into the game, sub-ecosystems similar Bitcoin ATMs stay well-positioned for a recovery.

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Australia, conscionable aft overtaking El Salvador to go the fourth-largest crypto ATM hub, got its archetypal Bitcoin ATM with integrated Lightning Network (LN) capabilities.

Using LN, Bitcoin ATMs tin process transactions instantly without having the relation batch the funds. As Cointelegraph antecedently reported, this improvement tin perchance little transaction fees compared to an on-chain payment.

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