Mark Cuban: Wash trading will lead to crypto’s next implosion in 2023

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  • Mark Cuban believed that lavation trading connected centralized exchanges volition pb to crypto’s adjacent implosion.
  • A study by the NBER recovered that arsenic overmuch arsenic 80% of the trading measurement connected unregulated exchanges whitethorn beryllium fake.

Billionaire capitalist Mark Cuban has shared his outlook for the crypto manufacture successful 2023. Cuban, who besides owns fashionable NBA squad Dallas Mavericks, has warned that the trading measurement connected centralized exchanges request to beryllium scrutinized, other they whitethorn pb to an industry-wide downturn. 

It’s a question of when, not if, says Mark Cuban

According to Mark Cuban, 2023 volition spot its just stock of crypto scandals. For him, it’s a question of when, not if. Cuban believes that the ungraded to look retired for is the lavation trading of crypto tokens that takes spot connected centralized crypto exchanges. 

 In an interrogation with The Street, Cuban said: 

“There are supposedly tens of millions of dollars successful trades and liquidity for tokens that person precise small utilization. I don’t spot however they tin beryllium that liquid.”

He further added that the find and removal of said lavation trading volition pb to the crypto industry’s adjacent implosion. 

Wash trading is erstwhile a trader oregon capitalist buys and sells the aforesaid information wrong a abbreviated model successful an effort to mislead different marketplace participants astir the terms oregon liquidity of an asset. Within the securities markets, lavation trading is illegal, but determination are yet to person acceptable regulations wrong the crypto industry.

Crypto’s lavation trading problem

The crypto marketplace is peculiarly susceptible to lavation trading owed to the availability of thousands of tokens. The deficiency of regulatory clarity lone adds to the problem. A report published by the National Bureau of Economic Research recovered that implicit 70% of the trading measurement connected unregulated crypto exchanges are lavation trades. 

The researchers who worked connected the study revealed that successful immoderate cases, lavation trading made up arsenic overmuch arsenic 80% of the full trading volume. It read:

“These estimates construe into lavation trading of implicit 4.5 trillion USD successful spot markets and implicit 1.5 trillion USD successful derivatives markets successful the archetypal 4th of 2020 alone.”

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