Mastercard partners with Polygon to launch Web3 musician accelerator program

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The programme volition assistance 5 emerging artists acceptable up and negociate their brands successful the Web3 space, and is besides aimed astatine educating radical successful the euphony country connected what avenues Web3 tech tin connection them.

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Mastercard partners with Polygon to motorboat  Web3 instrumentalist  accelerator programme

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Global payments elephantine Mastercard is ramping up its vulnerability blockchain tech yet again, aft announcing a Polygon-based accelerator programme to assistance musicians physique their careers via Web3.

The steadfast announced the "Mastercard Artist Accelerator" programme via a Jan. 7 blog post, outlining that from this spring, it volition link 5 emerging musicians from crossed the globe with mentors that will  assistance them acceptable up their brand successful the Web3 euphony space.

"The artists volition summation exclusive entree to peculiar events, euphony releases and more. A first-of-its-kind program volition thatch the artists however to physique (and own) their marque done Web3 experiences similar minting NFTs, representing themselves successful virtual worlds and establishing an engaged community," the station reads.

The programme volition culminate with a live-streamed creator showcase aboriginal successful the year.

We’re excited to turn our euphony footprint with the motorboat of the #Web3-based Mastercard Artist Accelerator, announced contiguous astatine #CES! The caller level volition assistance emerging artists prosecute their passionateness and accelerate their euphony careers.

— Mastercard News (@MastercardNews) January 6, 2023

Mastercard is besides launching a non-fungible token (NFT) postulation called the "Mastercard Music Pass" for those that aren't selected for the program. The purpose is to supply hodlers with acquisition materials and "unique resources" done marque collaborations to assistance budding musicians larn astir the Web3 integrations with the euphony sector.

Commenting arsenic portion of the announcement, Polygon Studios CEO Ryan Watt noted that “Web3 has the imaginable to empower a caller benignant of creator that tin turn a fanbase, marque a living, and present caller mediums for self-expression and transportation connected their ain terms."

Polygon looks primed to go a hub for euphony related Web3 projects. On Dec. 6, Cointelegraph reported that planetary amusement elephantine Warner Music Group had partnered with Polygon Studios and e-commerce and interactive level builder, to physique a Web3 euphony level called LGND Music.

The level is slated to motorboat aboriginal this period and volition let users watercourse euphony and cod and commercialized euphony NFTs.

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Mastercard has been actively furthering its engagement successful the blockchain and crypto sectors. In January 2022, Mastercard joined forces with Coinbase to alteration the usage of Mastercard cards for purchasing NFTs connected Coinbase's marketplace.

In mid-October 2022, Mastercard partnered with Paxos to let banks to connection cryptocurrency trading and related services to their customers. 

While successful that aforesaid month, Cointelegraph besides reported that Mastercard had launched a crypto fraud extortion instrumentality enabling  banks to find and forestall fraud connected crypto merchant platforms wrong its network.

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