Meme coin trader who made $40 million with Shiba Inu (SHIB) reveals what he is eyeing next

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In the wild world of cryptocurrency trading, massive gains can appear almost overnight. Just ask this trader who turned an investment of $40,000 in Shiba Inu (SHIB) into over $40 million when the meme-inspired token exploded in 2021. Now, this crypto millionaire is setting sights on a new target – the multi-utility token Retik Finance (RETIK).” I rode the Shiba Inu train to early retirement,” says the trader. “But lightning doesn’t often strike the same place twice. For my next big score, I’m betting on Retik Finance becoming the next decentralized finance (DeFi) blue chip.”

Riding the Shiba Inu Rocket

Shiba Inu rose to prominence in 2021 on the back of aggressive community-building tactics and affiliations with larger ecosystems like Dogecoin. The self-described “Dogecoin killer” delivered insane 49,000,000% returns for early investors as Shiba Inu mania kicked into high gear. However, according to analysts, those days are likely over.”Shiba Inu already had its parabolic run,” says the crypto whale. “Could it go higher? Sure, anything is possible. But I try not to get emotionally invested. Right now, I’m diversifying into earlier-stage projects I think have the best shot at being the next big thing. For me, that project is Retik.”

Retik Finance (RETIK) – The Next Big Thing?

Retik Finance bills itself as an all-in-one DeFi ecosystem, composed of a non-custodial wallet, decentralized exchange aggregator, tokenized debit cards, and P2P lending protocol enhanced by artificial intelligence analytics. According to developers, real-world utility is the name of the game. Retik Fiance is trying to make crypto less speculative and more usable While mass adoption won’t happen overnight, the trader believes Retik can help bridge the gap by blurring the lines between decentralized and legacy finance. This vision resonates with investors like our anonymous whale. “I love the focus on real-world applications,” he says. “The debit card program is really interesting and could be a game-changer in terms of crypto adoption. People want access to their assets with the convenience they get from traditional banks. Retik checks those boxes.”

Whale-Sized Retik Presale Allocation  

Retik Finance is currently fundraising through an ambitious 10-stage presale event. Each stage offers discounted RETIK tokens, with exclusive benefits for early participants. According to developers, this allows the protocol to bootstrap liquidity and kickstart activity across the burgeoning Retik ecosystem.  As of February 5, 2024, Retik’s presale has entered the 9th stage after raising over $22 million from individual investors like this Shiba Inu whale.”I’ve put in over $250k so far,” says the trader. “I missed getting into bluechip protocols like Aave, UniSwap, and Compound early. I won’t make the same mistake with Retik. This is the time to build positions in disruptive DeFi projects before retail piles in. Based on my analysis, RETIK tokens are criminally undervalued right now. I expect that to change once people understand the potential.”

Buying Retik Tokens

For cryptocurrency investors looking to follow in this trader’s footsteps, participating in Retik’s ongoing presale event offers exposure at discounted rates before RETIK lists on major exchanges. Developers say an aggressive 2024 roadmap will focus on expanding real-world functionality. As the crypto market braces for a bull run in 2024 and beyond, this whale isn’t betting on 2021’s top performers. “My bags are packed with RETIK,” he says. “I expect my investment will make the Shiba Inu run look like puppy chow.”

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